"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Food War - California Proposition 37: Independents, Democrats, Republicans argee

On November 6th, 2012 California citizens will vote yes or no on Proposition 37 which seeks to mandate food manufacturers label all GMO ingredients.  

This is the most dire issue at the polls this November and far more reaching than who is elected president, for it will ultimately decide food labeling...possibly forever.

I think Californians have this right for the rest of us.  The comments on all news articles I have read related to this issue definitely demonstrate the people of California (and around the world) are wide awake in regard to GMO's, labeling, and the importance of having pure food in the future (for our children). They are also wise to the efforts being lobbied to lie to them (and who is behind it).

It is time our readers were up on it too, in case you are not already.

Generally I am against over-regulation and interference by government on capitalism.  Not so in this case.  Genetically modified food is dangerous.  Long term studies like this one now show the food is a slow poison, yet is being fed to the masses.  

Believe it or not mega organic/health food labels like Kashi, Silk, and Naked are spending big bucks to lobby California to vote against mandatory GMO labeling.   Weird?  Not so when you realize their parents are among the likes of massive corporations like Kellogg.

There are many organic brands which are being boycotted by food watchdogs and activists.  I encourage you to boycott them too and, whenever possible, buy as much as you can from local produce and meat growers. 

Fortunately, Indy has a thriving local Farmer's Market community, that gets bigger every year.

Do you recall a recent news story selling us on a study from Standford that regular produce was as nutritious as organic?  The study, as it turns out,  was funded by Big Tobacco.  The study neglected to address the long term affects of chemical fertilizers and insecticides on the human body.

In case you spaced it,  our illustrious well-meaning prostitute government once told us Agent Orange (DDT) was safe.  Look what Agent Orange did because people believed the the soulless lies of Monsanto and their bought-and-paid-for shills in Congress.

Yes, we have a big planet to feed, but did you know that the population of the entire planet can fit inside of Texas?   The planet's population might be better off if they lived in Texas.  Texans are a self-reliant people.

Our media is manipulating us. Thankfully, thanks to the internet, the planet is privy to instant education, unlike our resources during Monsanto's evil reign of Agent Orange during Vietnam. 

Monsanto = Mon Satan  

Make sure you are educated on the issue and on all things Monsanto.   NaturalNews.com editor Mike Adams is doing the best job in journalism on the front of food and drug safety.  Subscriptions are free.

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