"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Testimonial - Alfa PXP Forte - Sores Healed in 60 Days

My Fibromyalgia & Depression
I started taking this product in July 2010 after my street minister friend David Scott told me about it.  He said it would help me with energy.  At that time I needed to keep 5 hour energy shots next to my bed just to be able to wake up and go to work.  I just thought it was "getting old".   Mornings were excrutiating for me when my feet first hit the floor.  First steps in the mornings were painful.  I needed to hold the stair railing with BOTH hands to steady myself to walk down the stairs.   I was also moderately depressed. 

Back then I felt bad and was in pain about 30 days a month and felt ok or good just one day a month.  I was too tired and depressed to even try to look good at the office.  Half the time, I wouldn't even bother to put on make-up.

I decided to risk $300 on a 90-day supply to see if it would help me.  While $300 was a lot of money, I figured the potential reward outweighed the risk.  Boy, am I glad I did! 

Within two months of taking two scoops daily of 100% organic Enzacta PXP Forte mixed with water, my symptoms were 90% diminished and my depression was resolved.  My mental focus improved and my sales skyrocketed and my income doubled the next year.   It's amazing how much better I was at my 100% commission job when I felt good.   The age spots on my hands faded and I can barely see them anymore. 

Two years later 100% of my pain is gone and I have no symptoms of depression.  I cannot imagine the toll on me had I suffered more years with extreme fatique, depression, and fibromyalgia pain.

I get regular updates on exciting stories from other Enzacta users who have seen reversal of diabetes, MS, allergies, migraines, high cholesterol, depression, and even cancer!

Am I getting younger?  

Today I just take one scoop a day and feel better than I have since my early 30's.

This is a true story…In 1993 a businessman from Thailand by the name of Thavisith Pongprapansiri (pronounced Ta – Visit, Pong-prop-on-sear-ee, his name will soon be a common household name) invested several million dollars to start a company that would produce cereals and food products from processed rice to feed babies and children. Little did Thavisith know that what he had started would ultimately change the treatment of disease and illness and benefit the health of the world’s population.

His company began producing these grain-based cereals for distribution in Europe. At the same time, the company began donating cereal products to children suffering from malnutrition. After a while, Thavisith began to receive letters and calls from parents stating that his cereals were reversing and curing their children’s malnutrition problems.

He returned to those areas to find amazing results. The cereal was providing the children with the proper nutrition that they were missing. For the first time, they were receiving the proper nutrients that would reverse the affects of malnutrition, a condition that is very difficult to correct.

Full of hope and excitement, Thavisith formed a team of scientists from Switzerland and Germany. They began to study the raw materials that went into the cereal (the grain). They found a particular strain that grew in specific areas in Thailand. The soil in these areas is very rich in organic matter. They believed that this helped the grains produce more functional nutrients.

Through a proprietary extraction process, the scientists found that they could stimulate human cells to produce the exact type of energy the body needs to bring metabolism back to normal. Thavisith was finding that babies eating this grain would experience improved learning capabilities. As other children began to take the grains, their immune systems became stronger and the children learned much faster.

His team discovered that this native strain of grain (mainly rice) would produce polysaccharidepeptides or PSP (The product is know as Alfa PXP Forte). These PSP’s were recognized by the body cells as food that is easily and immediately absorbed and assimilated. The body acknowledges these PSP’s, and it says "yummy", this is good. Thavisith and the scientists spent years experimenting until they discovered a proprietary "Alpha-Glycan" process that would preserve the nutrients from the grain in a powder form. This powder would only work when combined with water and if consumed immediately after blending. This product is called: Alfa PXP Forte.

For the next six years, Thavisith traveled all over the world and was, with the help of this PSP (The product is know as Alfa PXP Forte), literally able to save thousands of lives. He didn’t just help them reverse their conditions…he helped them live!.

"What greater gift can you give to your friends, loved ones and those you don’t even know yet?. I want to provide a healthy, natural alternative for people and give them other ways to get better to heal and be free of disease and pain and suffering."

Thavisith Pongprapansiri, His goal is to help the world’s population learn about this new technique of reversing the body from all kinds of illness, disease and ailments.

Thavisith took the Alfa PXP Forte along with his nine years of research and proven results to one of his colleagues from the West. They wisely arranged to provide Alfa PXP Forte to Enzacta as the exclusive distributor.

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