"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, July 16, 2007

Calling Betsy Ross! Can You Sew?

7/17 UPDATE: We have our Betsy Ross volunteers . Thanks from The People for your service.

Can you sew? Do you have a couple hours to donate to the cause? If so, we need a seamstress to make our giant tea bag for the tea party coming up. Property owners will get to bring their asssessments to make tea in our giant tea bag. It will have to be HUGE because there are so many over-taxed citizens.

Call Melyssa 317-938-8913 after 6pm or email if you want to make the tea bag for us. It's a bonus if you live close to Broadripple or downtown.

After the tea party, the giant tea bag will become a roving art installation around the city as a reminder to all our elected officials who they serve.

The official INDIANA TEA PARTY announcement will come out this week. Don't make plans for July 28th. Your city calls.


Endiana.com said...

Does anyone remember 2004 when the only candidate for governor opposing property tax was the Libertarian?

Dan said...

I am so in for a Tea Party, we need to have this down by the canal.

Also, if the deputy's act like they did at the council meeting. They had better pack their lunch, because many of us would not have taken their actions sitting down.

Ed Angleton said...

I think that in addition to the tea party we should also have a public burning of the tax bills (or copies of the bills for those too squemish to burn the actual bill). I grew up during the 60's and vididly remember the images of young men burning their draft cards. Regardless of how I may have felt about their actions then, or looking back at it now in hindsight. I have to admit it was a powerfull image of civil disobedience.