"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Indiana Tea Party -- Please Link This Announcement

July 19, 2007

Indiana Tea Party, 11am, July 28, 2007 at the Broad Ripple Canal:

The People of Indiana have been heard, but we’re not done talking.

While we applaud Mitch Daniel’s efforts to lessen the immediate impact of our governments’ fiscal irresponsibility, we need to make plain our demand that Indiana government no longer tax personal property.

And while we accept our duty to pay for just, responsible and governed government, we will no longer tolerate profligate spending that benefits only the elite few.

So in the spirit of responsible protest, and as an active petition for redress of grievances, we’re pitching our tax bills into the canal. It will be good, clean fun. But we’ll make a point that is, we think, unmistakable.

The People will be heard. From now on.

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We are printing 5,000 postcards and need Patriots to help distribute to friends, neighbors, community centers, churches, and coffee shops. If you can distribute 100 or more flyers, please call Melyssa 317-938-8913 after 6pm.

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Rev. Mmoja Ajabu said...

Property Tax Strategy

It is common knowledge that Indiana's tax system, and particularly its increases and affect on Marion County have caused a tax revolt. As an old country preacher the book that guides my life says render under Caesar what is Caesar's and render under to God's what is God's. Caesar is the Bible's way of defining government. Sales tax and income taxes are Caesar's because government brought into existence the items sold and the wages made. However, Caesar did not produce any land. Land was produced by God. For Caesar to tax our property is to take from God that which is God's. A home buyer can pay off his/her home’s mortgage to the lending institution and still not be a home owner. If the home buyer does not pay the property tax then the government comes and takes the property. I say taxes should support property ownership. Caesar should not be able to take what has been given by God. The question is how to fix this ungodly situation.

I propose the following. Abolish the property tax. So as not to put the city in further financial straits, which is not anyone's desire, I say replace the revenue lost from abolishing property taxes with sales and income taxes. Here's how.

Dr. Craig Johnson of Indiana University's department of Public & Environmental Affairs says "the Property Tax Replacement Study Commission (November 2004), reported a sales tax rate of 13.4% would replace 100% of the net property tax levy (this is a FY2006 figure). The problem with the sales tax is that it's very regressive, i.e. lower-income people get hit harder by the tax than higher income people. But the state could provide a tax credit to low income people to reduce their tax burden and make the tax less regressive."

Dr. Johnson feels a better solution would be "a combination of increased sales and income taxes. If you replaced 100% of the net property tax levy with the same amount of sales and income tax revenue, it would require raising the sales tax rate to 9.6% and in the income tax rate to 5.7%."

I like the idea with just a little tweaking. I say eradicate property taxes for home owners but not commercial entities. I take this position because businesses make profit off of their property, where homeowners pay expenses. According to Bill Crawford, Chairman of House Ways & Means Committee, commercial entities comprise 52% of Marion County’s tax base. Commercial property taxes would help to minimize tax income fluctuation. There also needs to be a commuter tax for people who commute to Marion County for employment. Commuters would then not get the benefit of Marion County without supporting Marion County. Likewise I would keep the income tax in its graduated form so those who make more income pay more taxes. The beauty of this model is those who make more, will spend more, and therefore pay more taxes. And people who invest in home ownership will actually become homeowners once we fulfill the cost obligation with the lending institution. I say let's get Caesar out of God's business.

Rev. Mmoja Ajabu,
Minister of Social Concerns
Light of The World Christian Church
317-254-5922 ext 526