"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, July 19, 2007


It appears The People see just how powerful they are to force change in government and they love it! We will continue to apply pressure on our politicians until they bend to the will of The People. If you know of an event that is not listed here, please email .

Thursday March 6th - 7:30 - 9:00pm
Sean Shepard, Jon Elrod, Andre Carson
University Place Conference Center Auditorium, 850 West Michigan Street.

Saturday March 1st, 1pm - Crown Point Indiana
Lake County Government Center - 2293 N. Main Street in Crown Point, IN
INDIANA TEA PARTY - LAKE COUNTY sponsored by Team Hammond Taxpayers' Group and Hoosiers For Fair Taxation will be a national and local media event. Bring your tax asessments or facsimilies to put in the giant tea bag to be dunked in the lake. Pitch forks and torches are welcome too! A delegation from Indianapolis will travel to Crown Point for the event. If you want to carpool, please call 317-938-8913 to coordinate. All are welcome.

Friday, February 1st at Noon - Indiana State House
Property Tax Repeal Rally
sponsored by Hoosiers For Fair Taxation, representing ALL citizens in Indiana for property tax repeal. This rally gives forum to citizens who wish for all other agendas, including the marriage amendment, to be kept separate from property tax repeal. Tell legislators that your only agenda for this session should be property tax relief. Get cronyism and special interests out of our state government NOW ! Look for a banner that says:
IMPORTANT WEATHER UPDATE: Please check here Friday morning before 8:30 am to see if the rally is cancelled due to weather. We're expecting heavy sleet, ice, snow starting at 7pm tonight and continuing until at least noon tomorrow. --HFFT editor

Thursday, January 31st 7pm - Pleasant View Lutheran Church
801 W. 73rd St. (Corner of 73rd and Hoover Rd.)
Citizens For Education (CFE) Public Information Meeting about Washington Township Schools’ $183 million building plan

Saturday, January 19th 2:00 - 5:00pm - Indianapolis Motor Speedway
MAYOR BALLARD'S COMMUNITY LUAU - The public is invited. $5 donation requested to benefit the Boys & Girls' Clubs. Guests are also encouraged to bring a canned good for Gleaners Food Bank.

Tuesday, January 15th 6pm Indiana State House, 3rd floor
The People's Press Conference, "State of the State" address.
Families attend to speak about their perception of the "State of our state", property tax repeal, bloated budgets, antiquated government, and special interest pork projects to the press and legislators.

Thursday, January 10, 2008 7pm
Light of The World Church, 4646 Michigan Road
"People's Property Tax Forum"

Tuesday January 8, 2008, Indiana Statehouse Room 431
SENATE HEARING OF SJR 8 (Property tax repeal bill)
Supposedly public testimony will be heard, but we're expecting that the testimony that will be heard will be only from anti-repeal lobby groups and time will not allow testimony from individual members of the public with valid concerns for their lifetime security through home ownership in Indiana. We encourage the public to attend this important meeting. In lieu of public testimony, it is very effective to bring signs no bigger than 12" x 18" with succinctly stated and boldly presented positions regarding the immorality of property tax.

Wednesday December 12th, 7:00 pm
Indianapolis Washington Township School Board
Dean Evans Community & Education Center,
8550 Woodfield Crossing Blvd, Indianapolis
Let the educrats know that you do not appreciate them getting fat off your dime and block their proposed $200 million dollar expenditure....yet that's right! They want $200 more of your money! Bring signs and plan to work them over just like we took care of city county council last summer!

Sunday November 4th, 1:30 Broad Ripple Park (62nd Street)
If you and your family want lower taxes, safer neighborhoods, and local government accountability, meet us! Bring signs! Be creative! We will walk down Broad Ripple Avenue and back to the park. We feel the family voices need to be heard. Please forward this invitation. David & Michele Dessauer, organizers

Saturday November 3rd, 9am - 603 East Washington

A rally was called on the Indy Undercover expose site for Democrat Headquarters on Saturday morning as a counter rally to Peterson's "unity rally". Be there with your sign telling them it's time to go! Bring plenty of Ballard signs! Remember that Peterson has absolutely no grass roots support from The People, nor will Peterson talk with The People. At every opportunity Peterson does whatever he can to avoid talking directly with the citizens he is supposed to serve. This is a great way to remind Peterson that ordinary citizens know he's a fraud and is stealing our wealth. It's also an effective way to get the message out to passerbys.

Friday November 2nd, South Bend Indiana: Eric Miller Property Tax Repeal Rally. More information at http://www.advanceamerica.com/ (South Bend is planning an Indiana Tea party, watch for the date to be announced soon)

Saturday October 27th, 2:00 pm: "TAX SCAM SATURDAY" Monument Circle Protest Costume Rally. Bring signs. The "Scary City Council" will make an appearance.

Wednesday October 24th, 6:00 pm: The Great Property Tax Debate presented by Meridian Kessler Neighborhood Assocation @ North United Methodist Church on the corner of 38th and Meridian. MKNA believes that the best way to affect the outcome of this legislative session, and influence future City-County Council and Mayoral actions, is first to keep this issue at the forefront of neighborhood discussion, and second, to educate both our neighbors and those in power as to the many complex issues which currently form the debate over property taxes. We are not sure if the neighborhood association takes a pro property tax repeal stance or not.

Tuesday October 23rd, New Albany Indiana: Eric Miller Property Tax Repeal Forum. More information at http://www.advanceamerica.com/ (New Albany is planning an Indiana Tea party, watch for the date to be announced soon)

Tuesday October 23rd, 1pm - 5pm: The Howey Political Report Forum: Dialogue 2008
at the Madame Walker Theater

Tuesday, October 16, 2007, 7pm Broad Ripple Neighborhood Association- Town Hall Meeting at the Indianapolis Art Center, 820 E. 67th St.Property taxes will be the main topic covered.

Monday, October 15, 2007, 7pm Greg Ballard and Bart Peterson debate Monday at Immanuel Church, corner of Prospect and East Streets

• Saturday October 13th, 11:30am:
Fort Wayne Fights Back and is protesting their local government's failure to control spending and their increased tax burden on Allen County Citizens. Meet at Freiman Squire (downtown Ft Wayne) and then 10 minute walk to river w/in sight of old fort on Lafayette St.
Invitation is open to anyone in the state of Indiana. Bring your tax assessments to put in the giant Indiana Tea Bag which will be dunked in the river. Ft. Wayne Tea Party Media Contacts

•Tuesday October 9th, 6:30pm: Meridian Street Foundation Annual Meeting Meridian Street Methodist Church, 5500 North Meridian -- Meet Mayoral Candidates Greg Ballard and Bart Peterson plus City Council District 8 Candidates Kurt Webber and Monroe Gray. This one should be lively! RSVP's Requested.

Thursday October 4th, 7:00 pm: WISH-TV presents Indianapolis Mayoral Debate with all three candidates. Jim Shella is moderator. The public is invited to submit questions by visiting this link.

• Wednesday October 3rd 5:30pm to 7pm: Non-partisan tax activists to photograph democratic fundraiser attendees at 1449 N. Pennsylvania Street in downtown Indianapolis. Click here for details. Bring video and/or digital cameras with high resolution capability. Signs citing details regarding the corruption surrounding city council contract awards are also welcomed.

• Sunday September 30, 5pm: Property Tax Forum 2 @ Light of the World Christian Church. Confirmed guests are Greg Ballard (candidate for mayor), Sherron Franklin (city county council), John Price (attorney-at-law), and Bart Peterson (mayor of Indianapolis)

• Thursday - Friday September 13 - 15: S.O.S. STATEWIDE YARD SALE "Sell Our Stuff to Save Our State". Yard sales to raise money to pay property taxes and show citizen unity in support of property tax repeal will be held throughout the state of Indiana.

• Thursday Sept 6th, 6pm: INDIANA TEA PARTY @ NFL Opening Game Meet at the Pan Plaza (across from the RCA Dome). Hoosiers from all over the state will bring their tax asessments (or facsimille) to place in the giant HOOSIERS FOR FAIR TAXATION tea bag and march in unity to the downtown canal to dunk them in protest of property tax.

• Monday August 27th, 5:30: City Council Meeting Budget Hearing. Bring signs to demand that the City Council overturn the July 23rd vote to increase your county income tax. The vote to raise your tax was not valid due to councilor Patrice Abdullah's (D) residency fraud. Make sure the People's demands are heard that we will not accept that tax increase!

• Monday August 27th, 1:00pm: Indiana’s Commission on State Tax and Financing Policy will examine the feasibility of eliminating property taxes at its fourth meeting of the summer. Sen. Luke Kenley (R-Noblesville), who chairs the commission, said the next meeting will include presentations on:proposals to reduce or repeal property taxes, how much replacement revenue would be needed, and experiences of other states efforts to significantly reduce property taxes.
The commission’s meetings are designed to hear testimony and seek ideas on reforming Indiana’s property tax system. The commission is working towards a bi-partisan plan that can be considered by the legislature for the 2008 session.

• Sunday August 26th, 5-8pm: PROPERTY & INCOME TAX FORUM Light of the World Christian Church 4646 Michigan Road CONFIRMED GUESTS: Dr. Craig Johnson, Indiana University Department of Public & Environmental Affairs, Indiana Senator Teresa Lubbers, Representative Vanessa Summers, Greg Ballard, Mayoral Candidate, and John Price, Attorney at Law

Indiana’s tax situation has to be on just about every citizen’s radar. Light of the World Christian Church wants to explore solutions to this issue. Our goal is to assist the government in their search for a solution. We pray that God continues to order our steps as we seek a solution that is not unfair to the taxpayer and still gives the government the revenue it needs to carry out city and statebusiness.

• Tuesday August 21st, 7pm: Join fellow Hoosiers for a Constitutional Conversation at Pershing Auditorium at the Indiana War Memorial in downtown Indianapolis. Featured speakers will be attorney John Price to explain case against Indiana's unconstitutional property tax system, economist Bill Styring to explain the need and method for replacing this onerous system, Andy Horning to inspire Constitutional appreciation and literacy, and Abdul Hakim-Shabazz (1430 AM) to promote active citizenry. Please attend and encourage other folks from your area to join us. Check Stopindiana and HoosiersForFairTaxation for details & updates.

• Monday August 13th, 1pm: The Commission on State Tax and Financing Policy will hold its next public meeting in Room 404 at the Statehouse.The agenda items will be:
1. Property tax abatements and exemptions
2. Remonstrances and referendums
3. Property tax limits in other states

• Monday August 13th, 9am: There's a property tax refund hearing at the Hancock County Courthouse, in Judge Culver's court; to consider the Marion County residents who either voluntarily or involuntarily (through mortgage co. escrows) paid the 2007 property tax bill. As you know, the Governor, on July 18th, eight days after the filing in Marion County, agreed to two of the demands, filed in that July 10th Complaint, reassessment and a roll back to the 2006 amounts. The final issue yet remaining is the refund issue. Please forward this announcement to your contacts and anyone you know with a refund issue, to attend this Monday's hearing in Greenfield.

• Friday July 20: Rally at 5pm in front of the City-County Building and City Council auditorium to block Peterson's tax hike. Also people are asked to fill the 2nd floor council auditorium to Force fiscal accountability from Peterson's administration and city council. Protesters outside on the sidewalk are asked to make signs of demonstration against Aaron Haith's action against a homeowner at Monday's meeting.

• Monday July 23: March from Monument Circle to City-County Building, 5 p.m & Wear Red

• Monday July 23: , in the Conference Center Auditorium of the Government Center South, first floor at 9:00 am.

• Saturday July 28: Hoosiers for Fair Taxation Tea Party
Broad Ripple Canal & Central Avenue 11am. Bring your assessments & wear Colts' attire.

• Tuesday July 24: Rep.David Orenlichter Forum at North Meridian Methodist Church,
3808 N. Meridian Street (Fellowship Hall) 7:30pm

• Monday July 30: Property Tax Repeal Rally presented by Advance America (Eric Miller's PAC), 7 p.m., Jonathan Byrd's Cafeteria, 100 Byrd Way, Greenwood.

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Endiana.com said...

BLOCKING SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION — Taxpayers have cleared their first huddle to stop a proposed construction project in Hope. The Bartholomew County clerk’s office certified today that 138 of the 161 submitted remonstrance signatures were from valid property owners or voters within the school district.

The remonstrance comes in opposition to Flat Rock-Hawcreek’s proposal to build a connector between Hope Intermediate School and Hauser Jr.-Sr. High School. The addition would allow FRHC to serve students at one campus and close Cross Cliff Primary.