"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Andy Horning asks us to hold politicians accountable to the 'Rule of The Law'

At the moment we have a situation best described as a Full-Nelson Headlock on our politicians. We have them where we want them. We need only continue the pressure, demand what we want, and we'll get it. Really.

We cannot stop now. We cannot let up.

We're not asking for your money. We're not asking for more from you than just a little reading time, and just a little action. That's all we need.

You see, it's been a very, very long time since Americans took to the streets to demand respect from their civil servants. And ironically, in the nation founded on a mistrust of politicians, it's been a long time since Americans scrutinized their politicians.

Well, not a moment to soon, we're doing all the above, and it's working. So let's get serious and prepare for the next step.

I suggest that our next step be the Rule of Law; that rare but blessed state of governed government in which politicians simply obey laws as written. No "interpretations," no "penumbras" of meaning, no ifs, ands or buts.

Our constitutions are written as clear contracts to protect us from the usual corruptions and disasters of politics. Politicians can amend constitutions but they must obey them.

We can make them obey the law at long last.

This is no dream. It is not only possible, but very, very necessary. ...Right now.

Why? Because while a thief might break into your home and steal a few things, he can't steal your home the way politicians proved they can. And while a murderer may go nuts and kill as many as 40 people, politicians routinely kill millions. So it may be bad if you run a red light; but when politicians break laws, nations collapse.

Let's be clear on this: Our cities, state and nation are in dire trouble. We are on a knife's edge. We must demand our politicians obey the laws proven to work (our state and federal constitutions), or we will all be very, very sorry.

Happily, this means just a little homework, and a little action:
First, read the Indiana and USA Constitutions. These comprise your rights and governments' limits written down in black and white. You need to see how different are the laws and the actions of our politicians.

Next, keep checking back with HOOSIERS FOR FAIR TAXATION, and listen to 1430 AM, WXNT. This is not just a radio station plug; it's a fact that this station, and in particular, the Abdul in the Morning Show, has been doing the kind of investigation and reporting that's needed.

Third, between these two forms of communication, you'll find out when and where important meetings and events are to be held. Just show up and get noticed. That's it.
Stay tuned.
Stay focused.
Stay mad.

Andrew Horning, RDCS
7851 Pleasant Hill Road
Freedom, IN 47431
Home: (812) 859 4416
Cell: (812) 585 0504
Skype: andyhorning

1 comment:

Indy Firefighter said...

Damn Wilson, sorry about your luck with a DUI.
A few years ago our favorite democrat council person Very Brown wrecked a city vehicle while drinking. in fact, he ran into a tree at military park while leaving a function at the athletic club. because of his political status. the investigation was cancelled. he now is a council member and also a promoted chief with IFD. it is all about who you know!

And to match that. 2 years ago he was in charge of the Indianapolis Fire department drug and alcohol abuse program. a private agency would send him 17 names a month to call for drug and alcohol testing and the firefighter would have one hour to go to methodist occupational l health for a test since they were white. but! wait! Vern would call any black firefighters at the first of the month and tell them they would be tested the last few days of the month so they had time to clean up.