"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

'It's time to move away from property tax' -- Visit Indiana Farm Bureau's State Fair Booth

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Property tax petitions, postcards and more offered at Farm Bureau building during State Fair
Farm Bureau members and other property taxpayers will have a number of ways to persuade lawmakers and local officials to moveaway from property taxes when visiting the Farm Bureau building during the 2007 Indiana State Fair, said IFB President Don Villwock.

“At our property tax display booth, the theme will be, ‘It’s time to move away from property taxes,’” said Villwock. “Taxpayers can sign a petition asking Indiana’s elected officials, both local and statewide, to adopt permanent and substantial measures that would free our citizens from the burden of property taxes.

“Hoosiers all around the state are finally realizing what we’ve been saying for years – that we need to move away from property taxes to pay for schools and local government. We believe in shifting the tax mix more toward sales, income and other taxes that are easier to understand and better reflect the taxpayer’s ability to pay,” he added.

For signing the oversize petition sheets, fairgoers will receive a magnetic card that reminds citizens of five important points of civic responsibility, namely: to become informed, to register to vote, to attend a county council or school board meeting, to contact elected representatives and express concerns about property taxes, and to vote on Election Day.

Fairgoers can also sign postcards, addressed to Indiana Speaker of the House Pat Bauer or to state Senate President David Long, containing the pre-printed message that calls on all elected officials to adopt permanent and substantial measures to free Hoosiers from the burden of property taxes. The postcards will be collected in a drop box at the exhibit.

“Our plan right now is to deliver the petitions and signed postcards to legislative leaders at the Indiana Statehouse at some point in the near future,” said Villwock. “We hope our members and all fairgoers take this unique opportunity to express their deep desire to move away from Indiana’s outdated and unfair property tax system.”

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