"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, August 6, 2007

News gets worse for incumbents

Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana covers the The Indy Star's report that no incumbent is safe and that Republicans are starting to send big dollar donations to mayoral challenger Greg Ballard.

Monroe Gray writes a letter to the Indy Star editor and is pulvarized by citizens throughout his district in the accompanying comments section.

Indy Star reports that Peterson's police merger fell far short of the savings we were promised. Does that surprise you?

Indy Undercover reports that Bart Peterson is giving a $200,000 a year crime prevention position to Melina Kenneday (who has no criminal prosecution experience). Democrat headquarters denies Indy U's assertion. That decision is likely to blow up in Peterson's face as another wasteful expenditure of public funds given away to a patronage position.

Even Jen, communications director for the democratic party, acknowledged that city councilors are worried about re-election. It is interesting to note that she thinks Peterson is a sure bet for re-election. The people in the street (many of whom are democrats) might not agree with her, especially as they are learning what a mess our city finances are in.

YOU can be a part of tomorrow's news by coming to the City County Council protest tonight. Sit on the front row and make yourself known that you are holding YOUR government accountable starting now!

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Taxpayer said...

Some of us tried. Peterson had the house packed with his supporters, some of whom were undoubtedly being paid to be there. The 20 or so taxpayers who made it into the chamber were made to look like fools and evicted when one stunned citizen wondered why the whooping and hollering for the mayor didn't consitute "a disturbance". This was the most digusting display of dirty politics this middle-aged taxpayer has ever witnessed. We have got to get organized and FIGHT TAMMANY HALL -- because it's right here in Indianapolis.