"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Peterson adds gasoline to fire already spreading through citizen activism

Message from Melyssa

I arrived at the city county building at 5:30 with knowledge that Peterson sent text messages all day begging help from what supporters he has left to get to his dog and pony show early.

When I arrived at the mezzanine level immediately out side the council auditorium, there were already more than 100 people waiting to get in the locked doors. I asked the brown uniformed guard to unlock the west door for us. I was told he did not have the key. This is highly irregular, as these meetings happen on a regular basis and the door to the assembly room is always open.

We were forced by armed guards to stand elbow to elbow in the very hot mezzanine level for more than 30 minutes. I noticed people were being let in through the east doors. I personally asked to be let in those doors. I was told only city employees were allowed in the auditorium and that we would be told how many of us could come in AFTER they were seated. I was told that I am not allowed even after reminding them that I am their citizen boss (the taxpayer).
I announced to the waiting crowd why they were being denied admittance. It is being reported in the blogs that shortly after I spoke to the activists, Fire Chief James Greeson called me a "bull-dyke" and was overheard by numerous people. Misogyny at its best. But not to worry, I'm tapped into power he can only imagine having and I am certainly not rattled by the opinion of a man without honor!

How dare these arrogant public servants lock us out of our own meeting space!

The mayor can expect some unpleasant surprises from the activists in his future. Last night he added gasoline to the fire already spreading throughout the People of our city.

If he cannot manage to respect the law and the very people who gave him power to SERVE, then rude awakenings, PR, and legal attacks are coming from every imaginable angle and source. Our networks of smart, educated, successful, well connected professionals are growing every day.

If you want to get involved with the activists that are taking back our city, we welcome you. It's hard work, but it is also a lot of fun. You'll get to meet courageous, smart new friends. The best way to start is to show up at rallies or call to join our ladies' activist group. If you want to donate legal expertise, we need you too. We're building quite an impressive network of lawyers who studied law because they love the constitution!

Be part of the solution. We're taking back our city from the thieves and shall never let our city and our citizens rights and freedoms die at their hands.

Our leaders, who break the law, will be held accountable by their citizen taxpayer bosses.

For links to news stories about last night's slap-down of the People by Bart Peterson, see Hoosier Access, Advance Indiana, Indy Undercover or PolisPolitics blogs.

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Becky Bechtel said...


Thank you for leading us forward in our fight to make Indianapolis a world-class city where people will continue to want to live.

Becky Bechtel