"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ballard Takes On Peterson's Negative Attack Ad

We received this press release today from Greg Ballard. Mayor Peterson (who promised he would not run a negative campaign) turned on his word yesterday by airing negative commericials which state Ballard is not qualified to run our city. Ballard is far more qualified than Bart Peterson is to run a large staff. Perhaps Peterson would be a better mayor if he had military training and the discipline that goes with it...not to mention personal HONOR, which the Marines hold in high regard and Peterson has lacked since taking office. Please forward Ballard's press release to everyone on your list and lets elect a new PRO-PROPERTY TAX REPEAL Mayor who will serve THE PEOPLE and not political self-interests.
-- The editor

Indianapolis--Greg Ballard, Republican candidate for Mayor of Indianapolis, commented today on Bart Peterson's latest campaign television advertisement. Mr. Peterson's commercial takes a negative tone and attacks Greg Ballard's experience and ability to serve as the Mayor.

Ballard said, "Yesterday was a sad day in Indianapolis politics. To date the candidates for Mayor have engaged in a frank and open discussion of the problems facing Indianapolis without resorting to personal negative attacks.
Mayor Peterson's latest campaign ad is a turn in the wrong direction."

The Mayor's charge, using the words of the local newspaper, is that a twenty-three year career in the U.S. Marines Corps leaves you "inexperienced" and "unqualified" to serve as mayor.

"Mr. Peterson's ad demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of the education and training men and women in the military receive," said Ballard, "For my part, I graduated from the Marine Corps Command and Staff College and earned a Master's Degree from the Marine Corps University."

Ballard continued, "In my twenty-three year military career, I held numerous positions that called upon the same kind of skills one would utilize as mayor. I am sure that I am more prepared now than Mr. Peterson was when he first ran for mayor eight years ago and I am certainly prepared to lead Indianapolis today.

"But the worst part of Mr. Peterson's ad is that it implies that service or a career in the military just isn't good enough and it tells Hoosiers in the military that they are not qualified for public service," said Ballard. "History, of course, says otherwise. Our nation's veterans have historically used their military training and leadership to become some of the best leaders in politics, business, and their communities."

Ballard concluded, "Mayor Peterson and I have disagreed a lot about our city's problems and the solutions, especially taxes, spending and crime. But I have not questioned his personal abilities and I am disappointed that the Mayor's campaign has taken a different course."


Anonymous said...


Peterson is running a THREE MILLION DOLLAR campaign to keep a job he has had for eight years.
If he had done a good, or great job, I think that would be unneccessary.
Where does alot of that money come from....BIG time spenders like Simon, Law firms, business. Let's follow this to it's logical conclusion shall we? They must have alot to gain (or lose)

Ballard, on the other hand, has been almost totally financed by individuals in the $ 5.00, 10.00, 100.00 range, including people who have NEVER donated to a candidate before!

If corporations,(like the STAR) media in general, big business, legal firms etc. are so passionate about re-electing the mayor, I would simply ask ..........WHY?

Just a simple man's observations

Anonymous said...

Col. Ballard Sir,

Your character and honor are above reproach. Win or lose, you can hold your head high and be proud.

You have taken on a mission that others would not, I for one, am grateful to you sir.

You have my vote, and more important, you have my respect.

colonist said...

I'm not sure if it is fair for media to pass their judgement on candidates by offering an endorsement. It may be common practice, but the news is supposed to be unbiased and factual. The Star has hard enough time to do their job correctly without sidestepping into someone's political backyard. Neutrallity would have been appropriate, instead of trying to swing votes. This is not Dancing with the Stars.