"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The spectacle of homemade political signs on 46th and Illinois

Thanks to BART LIES for photographing
the series of signs depicting the truth regarding
the lying, self-serving politicians who steal from us.
The six signs were erected today on the busy intersection of
46th and Illinois by Doug Abrams.

(We guess he's "Had Enough" of Bart too!)


Anonymous said...

Hey Fair Tax People!
Scott Keller has struck a deal with Mike O'Conner. If he wins he will wait for an opportunity to change party affilitation and give control back to the Dems. What does that mean? Dem Chairmanships, Monroe back in charge and allowing him and Aaron Haith to set the agenda for the next four years! He has been promised one as well. Remember the deal that got Talley in?


Hey anonymous...how do we confirm this????

nearnorthsidevoter said...

The rumor about Keller is not quite correct. The deal was cut with Garland Graves not Mike O'Conner. And he won't cross over unless it it is 15-14 Republican. It is true, the met at my restaurant and I was there server. Actually Keller was quite happy about the plan and getting back at the "back row" councilors as he called them.

Anonymous said...

dang, the only rumors i hear about keller around here are from his neighbors who see him picking up ladies on the street for companionship. while they have seen that first hand, one can only speculate as to whether or not it is a business deal.

there are people pursuing this.

if keller truly is going to pull a dirty stunt like that, he will learn you had better not have any dirty laundry in your closet. his is filthy. it's all going to get aired.


Hoosiers For Fair Taxation is no fan of Scott Keller. He was not endorsed by any of the activists.

Anonymous said...

Too bad nobody bothered to spell check those signs first. My 5th grader could spell better. But, the message is the same. Vote for the Machine and get 4 more years of the same. High taxes, crime, and dropout rates. Welcome to Detroit!

Anonymous said...

Check it out! Bart is behind Ballard in the polls!!! Go Greg Go!


Anonymous said...

HFFT, I get that no one associated with your cause or site endorsed Keller. BUT he is running as a republican and planning a party switch -- especially under certain circumstances -- is despicable. many people are hoping for a switch in leadership of the council including many that are aligned with your cause. while he certainly has been far from a reliable republican (i have no idea what i mean by that on second thought), he at least would not be in the caucus to elect, say, monroe gray council president.

he is dirty, dirty, dirty. the choice is a mahern. pick your poison.

Sir Hailstone said...

6:10 PM - or you could vote for Dijak-Robinson the Libertarian.

Anonymous said...

Would you please post this message.
Thank you.

The Ballard for mayor folks still have work to do. If you can volunteer anytime from Thursday through Election Day November 6th please call 635-8881. Ask for Mary or Flipper.

We need neighborhood walkers this weekend walking neighborhoods.

We have to get 700 yard signs out to the polling locations early Tuesday morning.

We need people making phone calls at Angie's List headquarters on East Washington St. this weekend.

Also need volunteers to be assigned as watchers in Center Township to keep an eye on our opponents.

This is our change to take our City back from 8 years of corruption.

Please call 635-8881
Mary or Flipper

Thank You......flipper

Anonymous said...

Bart doesn't care about police and firefighters. He never has. Look at his record (see links below). He would rather layoff cops and firefighters than cut a Deputy Mayor.


Anonymous said...

Indyundercover is reporting that a Democrat Rally is planned for Saturday Morning at 9 AM.
I think that we should take our message right to their doorsteps.

I’m thinking early anti-tax rally of our own and support for those who have been fighting the high crime rate in Indy.

We haven’t won the election yet, lets keep fighting the good fight.

“From the Indy Chicken,

I can attend the Anti-Democrat Rally Saturday Morning, after all I'm the symbol for their party.

I'm thinking Tax protest signs, BART LIES! signs, VOTE GOP signs, Ballard for Mayor signs etc.
It's time for the crime hating low tax loving citizens to take back Indy.

Please join me.”

The first to sound the alarm when a fox gets in the chicken coop is the chickens themselves.

Don’t be “chicken” be a chicken and join the IndyChicken in this fight.

Anonymous said...

Well folks its official! Two-term Democrat Mayor Bart Peterson is officially behind Republican Greg Ballard in the polls. Our proof? Bart has just aired the first of what we expect to be a flurry of negative ads against Col. Greg Ballard attacking Greg's supposed lack of experience on things Bart holds in high regard (raising taxes 19 tax times, letting crime get out of control and of course protecting political friends like Monroe Gray).
How about we let Bart Peterson and his Bartstitutes know that we don't want another one of his "plans" and we won't tolerate negative attacks on someone just because they happen to be telling the truth. Call 327-3601 (his office) every hour on the hour and tell him to stop his negative attacks.