"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Attorney Darla Williams Speaks About Marion County Minority Leadership

Re-electing Democrat Officer holders in Marion County and Center Township
Indianapolis citizens need to actively participate in this November’s Election.
By Darla Y. Williams, Esquire
Thursday, September 06, 2007

Today Indianapolis citizens must strive for political and economic balance. It is criminal for us to continue voting for the currently elected democratic officials who have openly and repeatedly violated the Rule of Law or have failed to protect us from rogue politicians. (Nonfeasance)
I watched a hearing on Channel 16 a few weeks back. A Marion County Judge, who was sitting on the committee, was openly irritated because the City/County officials were asking him to vote on contracts that were either incomplete, inconsistent, not updated or were flat out wrong. This is the result of political patronage jobs. “No one has to REALLY work, wink-wink, after-all, we got the juice.”

Well, this “we got the juice” attitude is why we were side-swiped with these huge tax increases; the city failed to prepare for the foreseeable. Our black leaders had “other” things to do, like secretly taking advantage of women and minority contracting opportunities, interfering with law enforcement attempts at raiding drug houses and illegal gambling houses, sneakily placing a bar in a government building, demolishing a kiddy park so they can park their Mercedes while they drink at the government bar, walking around drunk and boisterous--intimidating police officers, voters and political candidates, thwarting public debate, lying about their residency, throwing citizens out of public meetings, locking citizens out of the annual budget hearing--forcing them to stand outside in 95 degree heat--the first time in history happen, and the most scariest are the reports of the hostile, disrespectful manner in which our long-time veteran polices officers, black and white, are being treated by our black Sheriff, Frank Anderson, commonly known as “bling-bling” for the great amount of attention to detail he gives to his uniform and his many vehicles. There are rumors that officers are actually being told they cannot execute on search warrants signed by our judges unless it is approved by the Sheriff first. Morale and camaraderie within law enforcement is extremely low.

The few black leaders who will allege they didn’t commit these acts are equally shameful for ignoring their constituents concerns and allowing them to suffer.

We must now accept the reality that the city leaders in Marion County [and] Center Township have created an alliance to each other that is much stronger than their alliance to the very citizens they were elected to represent and protect. Despite the stench, despite our public outcry--they show no mercy, they remain silent, even to the Rule of Law.

The Marion County and Center Township’s political environment has the characteristics of Tyranny.
Of course, this is not new to many black professionals and contractors in Indianapolis who have been sold out economically by our leaders and mistreated…it’s just growing, and now the corruption is felt by those outside the black community. Our poor fate has runneth over. Our city is heading the way of Detroit if we don’t save her. Sure, we can all sell our homes and move elsewhere; there is nothing so spectacular about the City of Indianapolis that makes it worth staying here with the current set of elected officials or any of their hand-picked predecessors in charge. But I think it’s easier to dig-in from now until the election in November and try to save our city than to relocate.

Our younger generation in the Black community can no longer afford black leaders who misuse the historical struggles of their ancestors; using our ancestors struggles as an instrument to manipulate and deceive, and to get a free ride. The younger generation need leaders who not only believe and invest in them, but who have the acumen to analyze, monitor and adjust the status of their constituents so as to create a strong healthy black community where opportunities exists. We need leaders who can steer us on a long voyage to economic, educational and social parity. I just don’t’ think that Monroe “sweat pea” Gray, Bart “the Developer” Peterson, Frankie “Bling-Bling” Anderson or the current Center Township and Marion County elected officials can lead us there. They’ve tried and they’ve failed miserably.
Our democratic process allows us to change our leadership if they no longer represent our interests or if they fail to protect us from the harm of their colleagues.

What can we do? It’s very simple:

1) Ask the Mayor or your representative to tell you something good--what have they “proactively” done lately? (That’s if you can get them to even return your phone call or respond to your letter or emails). Analyze their answer and ask yourself, are there more important, practical things we need addressing? Like those mentioned above? Is their answer “enterprising” or is it the “same old rhetoric” about powerlessness, the white man holding us back? Do they blame the OTHER party while ignoring their own malfeasance?

2) Black pastors should never allow a media employee of any color to coerce them to be lenient on politicians, black or white, who fail our communities. We must remain loyal to the concerns of our community and our children and promote more wholesome leaders.

3) Register to vote and VOTE THEM OUT in November! Split your ticket if necessary, it is very common and smart too. You’ll be amazed at how proud and powerful you’ll feel as a citizen when you intentionally not vote for a public official who has failed you. You can look for their name on the ballot and select the other candidate, or just not vote for either candidate. They will never know you didn’t vote for them: you can smile right back in their face just like they smile in yours. In the end, you’ll decide their fate though, at the ballot box.

4) Finally, on election day, don’t’ forget to take one or more people with you to vote this year than you had last year.

“To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing”


Analog Ellen said...

ms williams, if i had a beverage in my hand, i would "toast" you.
thanks for your timely words.


A political action committee is coming out with endorsement cards which will state the candidate choices by the following organizations:

Hoosiers For Fair Taxation
Fraternal Order of Police
The Indiana Minority

As soon as information is available, we'll let you know how you can help pay for the cards. We understand they are being printed for $125 per 5,000 two sided professionally designed cards.

The plan is to cover the city with the minority, police, and tax activist endorsements.

We are excited this action is taking place.



"THE INDIANA MINORITY GROUP" was improperly stated above.

Taxpayer said...

Somehow, this needs to reach more people!! Perhaps it could be sent to neighborhood organizations and community centers?

Ms. Williams, your soul and sincerity shine through in this and that makes it even stronger. There are a few typos that could be fixed; I do such things for a living and would happily volunteer to assist with that if you'd like. If so, please respond to this post and we'll try to figure out how to make contact offline.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ms. Williams for your comments.If I say those things I am called a racist but the truth is the truth.Bravo for speaking out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone for the kind words. Working together we can make a change. We can't continue sitting around and accepting this low standard of representation in Marion County.

True, racism is not dead yet and it affects all races to various degrees, but we will no longer allow rogue politicians to use the race card as a defense to their misconduct. Together, blacks and whites, can speak-up and challenge such notions, just as we stood together during the abolition and the civil rights movements againt oppressive government. The only difference today is that the black politicians in Marion County have become the oppressors of blacks, women, police officers, firefighters, our neighborhoods and our children's future.

Please feel to contact me direct at dywlitigator@aol.com. I look forward to hearing from you.