"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Friday, October 26, 2007

Ed Angleton seems to have something serious to rant about

Political activist Ed Angleton used to be a democrat. He told us he quit that habit. Ed won on Jeapordy a while back and he also authors a blog. We think he's a pretty smart fellow. Certainly smarter than a lot of the folks on our CCC.

Lately he did a little number crunching with figures the city provided for the oft blamed inventory tax which our politicians love to use to blame for the property tax crisis.

And guess what? Well you'll have to read Ed's blog to see his very clearly stated analysis. We promise it will make your stomach turn.

Thanks Ed for the analysis. And thanks too for your patriotism!

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Anonymous said...

Ed, you've eloquently articulated what many of us feel but have not penned. Like you, I was "asleep" for longer than I care to remember and then received my property tax bill in July and began to understand the full implications of it for myself, our city and state.

I hadn't been to the City County Building in years, save for jury duty and a legal internship in my college days. I was shocked and dismayed when I attended my first of many CC Council meetings. I'd foolishly believed for most of my life that elected officials would do the right thing on behalf of their constituents. Instead, many of them have feathered their nests...some because they could because their constituents were asleep (like me) and others who put their own agendas above all others.

It has been a painful but necessary wake-up call but, like Ed, I pledge to never again fall asleep. Further, I'll do my all to help awaken others to what's happening around us. It's curiously satisfying to have reconnected with one's voice... use it! (thanks, Ed for sharing yours)