"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Friday, October 26, 2007

Enlightening Internal IndyWorks Merger Document that Peterson knew about before the merger

We found this document which appears to be an economic study by Reedy & Peters, LLC Certified Public Accountants to detail the impact of the IndyWorks merger touted by Mayor Peterson as a huge money saver to the public. The document is dated November 8, 2005. A copy is scanned on a blog site called Indy Corrupt. If this is a genuine document, then the mayor knew all along the merger would cost the taxpayers a 97% increase in property tax. The site makes claims it has more information, so we will watch it.

Part of the analysis warns:
We find that although the Works proposal shows property tax reductions from its implementation, no property tax reduction is anticipated. Also, we find the result of not providing property tax reductions would cause a $40.5 million tax shift out of the IPD and IFD areas onto the township areas outside IPD and IFD. Further, we find the graphs and table in the "Property Tax Benefit Section" in Works to not be representative in base data or potential savings


Bart Lies said...

The original draft of The Peterson Plan was quite simple: "Keep taxpayers in the dark and feed 'em manure"

As to him getting a 3rd term:

Fool me once? Shame on me.

Fool me twice? Shame on you.

Fool me three times? I don't bloody think so.

Secret Squirrel said...

It's an authentic document. I have hard copies of the Reedy & Peters and, the Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute's reports, which both state the same thing--CONsolidation will not work!

To quote the guard of another city ruled by a fake wizard, "Not No Way, Not No How"!

Anonymous said...

Send in the Marine-save our city

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys, but this is not a city-generated document. Reedy & Peters was hired by the township trustees during the 2005 consolidation debate.

Their own expert said police consolidation doesn't get savings, just efficiencies if done right. They did admit you get savings from fire consolidation.

And no, I do not work for the Mayor or the Democrats. I am just someone who was there and don't want you guys to embarrass yourselves.

Keep the fight going!