"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, October 15, 2007

Is Bart still lying?

Is Bart still lying?
You decide. Read this.


Anonymous said...

Bart is going to be at Franklin Central Christian Church,4100 S Franklin Rd. for a Groundbreaking Cermony on Thur,10/18/07 at 10am!

Be where he is. It drives him nuts and makes him nervous.

Anonymous said...

(found on IndyU)

Wednesday October 17th 2007

Bart will be at the 40 West Professional and Business Club.

The meeting will be at Ben Davis High School... In the Career Center - Le Gallery.

Just tell the Officer at the main gate off of Girl School RD you're attending the meeting and you will be admitted to the grounds.

hmmmmm Sounds like some concerned citizens should show up and ask some questions of the weasel.... Wonder if he'll cancel since this has been posted here....

Taxpayer said...

Of course he's lying. His lips were moving, weren't they?

Anonymous said...

An MKNA resident told me about a restaurant owner was "urged" by Bart to put a yardsign supporting him in the yard.

Bart's campaign pays anyone $10 an hour to pose as grass roots support, while ordinary citizens take it upon themselves to help Ballard...even by producing videos and commercials for him on You Tube.

Ballard has endorsements/support

Clergy for Accountable Government
Minority Media
MBE/WBE Super Pages publisher
Indiana Minority Report
Hoosiers For Fair Taxation
Robert Turner
Rex Early
Advance Indiana
Digital Farmers
Hoosier Access

Peterson has no visible grass roots support from the people.

Who endorses Peterson other than his cronies and the Democratic Party? Does anyone know?

Melyssa said...

Asked over at the democrat blog, Taking Down Words, what promises Bart Peterson kept to the people of Indianapolis.

The only answer they could come up with was he promised to keep the Colts.

When asked which is most important, being able to afford to keep your home or being able to keep the Colts...the democrats over at Taking Down Words would not answer.

On the other hand, they really bash the "Bart Lies" people. I think rather than call them names, they should prove the Bart Lies people to be wrong.

So far they have not done that for us.

Who can prove the Bart Lies people wrong?