"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Monday, October 15, 2007

The ransom note you are about to receive from the county treasurer for your home

Please notice that the letter below is the threat of the HUGE make-up bill you WILL receive next spring, IF we don't eliminate property tax! Don't worry, Hoosiers For Fair Taxation isn't going anywhere and we are already gearing up for large scale demonstrations next year when the new tax bills (at a cost of $1.8 million) come out and show property owners little, if any, relief from the huge bills they received this year - The HFFT editors

Michael W. Rodman
Treasurer of Marion County
200 E Washington Street Sste 1001
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

October, 2007

Dear fellow Marion County Property Taxpayers,
The process of this year's property tax collection is different. First, the enclosed property tax statement is the second of three statements. Normally there are two statements per year with equal payments made in the spring and fall. Three statements are required this year because of the state's reassessment order. Once the state's ordered reassessment of property is completed in February, 2008, the state will recompute tax rates and the exact property tax obligation will be determined. The third statement for this year will be a "reconciling" statement based on the reassessment due April 30, 2008, and it will list the full amount due for 2007, the payments applied and the remaining amount due.

Secondly, the state reassessment order set the due date for the reconciling statement only days from the normal spring May 10th date. I am asking the state to approve my request to delay the May 10,2008 payment date.

Thirdly, some taxpayers have paid more than was due for the first and second payments. My office will send letters to these taxpayers giving them the option of receiving a refund or having the funds applied toward the April 2008 reconciling statement.

Finally, we have the opportunity to make major and reasonable changes to our tax system. I urge you to contact your representatives in the Indiana General Assembly to express your thoughts on property tax reform.

Michael W. Rodman


Mad Mike said...

Got ours yesterday.

Sir Hailstone said...

I live in an apartment but our rents are increasing as of January in response to the increased property taxes.

Remember this tax bill as you go vote in 3 weeks!!