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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Peterson & Monroe Gray likely to be no-shows for tonight's tax forum

Although Bart Peterson and Monroe Gray both confirmed that they will attend tonight's tax forum hosted by the Meridian Street foundation, we are getting reports that Peterson will not show and it is likely that Monroe Gray (CCC president) will likely not attend for long if at all.

This does not surprise us at Hoosiers For Fair Taxation. Neither are a bit comfortable with direct accountability to the people. Further, Monroe Gray is in deep trouble with the people today after last night's council meeting which delayed a vote to call for an indepth ethics investigation. It is hard to find a single incident where either of these men are accountable to the people they are supposed to selflessly serve in office.

For more about last night's city council meeting see these news reports:
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(thanks IndyU for linking the articles on your blog)


Anonymous said...

I assumed as much because they would be facing a crowd that will ask real questions.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, you're wrong on Peterson "confirming." He was unable to attend, due to another neighborhood meeting being already confirmed. He told event organizers (which you would know, if you wanted to work for a solution instead of partisan fire breathe) that while he couldn't attend, he would send a Deputy.

colonist said...

Surprise. M.Gray appeared for a few minutes and fielded some questions from angry Meridian-Kessler residents and created additional frustration with his lackluster answers, citing a school board budget the ccc has no control over, he claims. He artfully dodged a question on how newly appointed ccc member, Andre Carson, could vote on a billion $ budget he never investigated.
Deputy mayor,Campbell, the mayor's sub for the evening, talked of the complexity of intergovernmental local and state agencies. He is articulate and seemed genuinely frustrated about property tax. After 7+ months for the Peterson administration, the present tax disaster could have been avoided if it were't for the negligence and lack of leadership of the present administration. To Campbell's credit he admitted that this issue must remain elevated or it could die at the hands of state legislators who don't want to deal with it.
Ballard laid the debacle on mismanaged local management and was for the total abolishment of property taxes.
Attorney John Price said as much and concluded the only long term solution is the total elimination of property tax. Keeping it alive with only a 'reform', 'reduction', 'cap' will still keep it alive to annually threaten home owners with seizure, auction, and eviction, and betrays a fundamental constitution obligation. He is also for continued protests to keep this issue alive.
At the end of the day, this is a statewide life or death issue, surpassing the economy and crime. Those who don't protest with voice, pen, or in person, will have only themselves to blame for not voting out the incumbents who have added to the misery index of this great state. Residents must make the time to appear and speak their mind at every neighborhood association meeting, open tax forum, and protest rally, or you will forfeit your voice at the hands of elected people who don't want to deal with it. This is your life preserver. Use it please.

Hoosiers For Fair Taxation said...

To Anonymous 4:24PM:

Hoosiers For Fair Taxation is non-partisan.

We are black, white, republican, democrat, and libertarian.

We are, however, united in our desire to force our politicians to be accountable and obey the rule of law.

We are also united for property tax repeal.