"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Educrat Army (ISTA) declares Pat Bauer general!

Rep. Pat Bauer
Washington Township Educrat James Mervilde

What did we tell you? Those school administration spending units are not going to give up their property tax feeding troughs without a fight. They are rallying around Majority Leader Pat Bauer for support.
We think Pat Bauer embodies the very essence of pig-like greed. There is good reason he's a good 200 lbs overweight. Ever think of that? We say Pat Bauer has lived high off the taxpayers trough for too long now. It won't be long before the "tax nuts" put on an Indiana Tea Party right in his back yard of South Bend. The activists up there are in contact with us.
Bauer says when teachers speak, people listen. Evidently he's too stupid to realize that these are not teachers doing the speaking, the ISTA is the voice of the educrat.
Pat Bauer be warned. YOUR head is on the taxpayers' guillotine! You will likely suffer the same fate as Bart Peterson did unless you change your immoral, wicked ways very quickly.


colonist said...

Teachers around the nation have typically followed democrats leanings. Tapping Bauer on the shoulder is another lobbyest tactic of special interest; not doing what's best for homeowners or what is more equitable for all residents to share tax burdens; just like we knew the schools would squeel at the thought of people actually voting on school referendums. Bauer has a wake-up call, and if he makes himself the issue, his name will be on the November pig roast. According to today's star, there is a morale breakdown amount IPS teachers due to abusive Principals that spills over onto the students,contributing to a poor attitude and learning ability. Teachers are justifiably mad at their teaching conditions and student's learning conditions. Apparently, a uniform does not resolve abusive principals or no air conditioning. ISTA should be more concerned about their high school failure rate and Indiana being below average in math and english. Do we need to protest in front of ISTA? Parents, where are you? If you value your children's education, you better start asking your child questions about what goes on at school or you will find yourself with a statistic: an illiterate child at taxpayer's expense! We're tired of it; aren't you?

Anonymous said...

I truly hope that the same level of energy that created recent local political changes will be in force to support the teachers, and not the well-off administrations of each district that will be fighting for the status quo. Unite and make changes.

usmcdad said...

Supt. Don Stinson drawing a $200,000 annual salary while 49% of his little students qualify for free lunches.

Things in DUH-CATUR where I live are not much better than IPS.

Pass referendums on school spending or VOTE THEM OUT (your legislator).

Anonymous said...

Thank you to Hoosiers for Fair Taxation for keeping watch on what the schools are up to.


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