"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Friday, November 2, 2007

Eric Dickerson Endorses Greg Ballard for Mayor

Indianapolis, IN.
November 1, 2007

I endorse Greg Ballard as our next Mayor for the City of Indianapolis. Ballard has the right experience to begin changing the direction of Indianapolis. I encourage all who supported me during my campaign to support and vote for Greg Ballard as our next Mayor.

I've spoken with thousands of citizen throughout the 7th Congressional district who for years have felt violated, cheated and ignored by those who manipulate the leadership structure in Indianapolis, often forcing inferior, unresponsive, or ineffective representation upon them--election after election. Well, we gave them another chance and look at what we received in return:

More botched elections, tax increases, contracting irregularities, egregious official misconduct, gross incompetence, ghost employment, illegal gambling, and closed government. That's just at City Hall. At home our senior citizens are afraid of becoming one of the growing populations of homeless people sleeping downtown, as well as being assaulted and killed right in their own living rooms. This is Unacceptable.

Peterson's, the cup is half-full, approach to addressing constituent concerns is not good enough. We are "paying" for a full cup and we "want" a full cup.

City Hall has "people" problems. The leadership structure has been inverted, with the Mayor serving those around him instead of the people. That Peterson has repeatedly failed to adequately address public disobedience suggests that he has not maintained himself in a manner that preserved the superior rank status that is inherent with the office of Mayor amongst others at city hall. As a consequence, Mayor Peterson has lost his power to govern or admonish these people who wield massive power to enforce, abridge or deprive so many people of their constitutional rights. This is where Bart Peterson gets an 'F' in leadership.

We can thank Bart for the Stadium. Yes, Bart knows how to get things built. But we must now shift from developing buildings to developing responsible leaders who dedicate their entire elected tenure to promoting of strong neighborhoods and communities.

During Ballard's 23 years experience as a marine officer he worked alongside and managed in the most diverse organization in the world, the U.S. Military. He led and followed men and women from every walk of life, every ethnicity, and every background. He led when necessary, followed when necessary and disciplined when necessary--adhering to the rule of law. We need to re-introduce these qualities into our leadership structure in Indianapolis.

Our democracy creates a nation that is ever emerging. Though we must rotate our leadership periodically, it doesn't mean they weren't good leaders--but the city must not become totally "submerged" in one leader's world-class vision to the detriment of the local residents. Throughout U.S. history, we've elected new leaders to steer the direction of our cities and states. Sometimes the ship must be steered into another direction, but if it's anchored, its direction cannot change without damaging the precious cargo. Unfortunately, the citizens of Indianapolis are not the precious cargo, it's the leadership structure Mayor Bart Peterson has surrounding himself that is the precious cargo--No matter how spoiled or rotten.

We deserve leaders who treat us as the cargo--not the waves.

Finally, I'd like to say something to Hoosiers everywhere. Our armed servicemen and women are the "foundation" of our free society, whom without our great nation could not maintain its sovereignty. Those who have served are among us everyday throughout Indiana, they are our brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and our grandchildren, and they committed their very own lives to protect each and every one of us. We should not chip away at our country's credence by "stereotyping" our veterans. I pray everyday for all those officers who are serving for us right now--doctors, lawyers, engineers, and our high school graduates. I pray they return home safely to their family and loved ones. We should strive to make sure that when they do return, as Ballard has, they are welcomed as the professionals they have become while protecting our country.

Ballard is a 23-year retired Marine Officer, you can't get any better than that.

Yes, I'm confident Ballard can lead the City Indianapolis.

Eric Q. Dickerson
2006 7th Congressional District Challenger


Anonymous said...




Eric Dickerson's EX WIFE denies this is true.

We'll take her word over yours, Wilson. Afterall, she's not a dumpster diving troll.

Anonymous said...

Wilson, "Liberalism is a mental disorder" =Get help

Anonymous said...

He hit his wife and bit his kid.

Then he LIED about it.

These are the kinds of supporters Ballard has?

A wife-beating, child-biting liar.

A freaky leather-and-chain prostitute.

A black supremacist jailed repeatedly for violence.

Wow. I guess he HAS "had enough" (well-adjusted citizens...)

Anonymous said...

I'm very concerned about houses going into foreclosure, it is possible to see how many of "Act Fast Mortgage" loans are in default?

Anonymous said...

And Wilson...one of the thugs (and yes, I mean THUGS) at Julia Carson's house manhandled a citizen a week ago Sunday who was taking photos of the city car parked in her drive.

Eric Dickerson is a fine upstanding gentleman. His now ex wife agrees. If his former wife does not have a problem with his character, then I really don't think it is an issue for the taxpayers.

By the way, look at all the endorsements Ballard has. People are coming out everywhere in favor of him.

Where is Peterson's grass roots activism and support? If he were all that great, he'd have it. No one is fighting FOR Peterson. The best he can do to get support is to pay for it.

Looking forward to the Ballard rallies this weekend!

Peterson probably feels very lonely. How was his birthday party? We heard from the hotel's staff that no one came and they had to force people to show up and were frantically texting people to come!