"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Greg Ballard & grass roots activism in Indiana makes national Fox News !

Patriot Paul with Mayor Ballard
Summer 2007 - City Council Tax Protest
(they look incredibly happy considering the circumstance for being there)


Congratulations go all around for those who spent time, effort, and money to replace some public officials, get the attention of law makers, and most importantly, start a process of thinking of tax reductions-eliminations that otherwise would be in doubt. Bush’s references yesterday to our Indy efforts in this election, seen on Brit Hume’s broadcast via Fox News skyrocketed this into national prominence.

It is important that those of us who believe in the elimination of property tax on moral and ethical grounds not be swayed by every twist of news from those lawmakers who find themselves tripping over each other with who can do the most for us; not because they want to but to protect their political survival. Lawmakers’ forte is to compromise so watch for pundits and editorialists to echo their own brand x, each claiming they cannot remove residential property tax completely, calling it ‘unrealistic’, ‘not a political reality’ or other counterproductive remarks.

I have heard our mayor-elect indicate his fallback position would be a hard cap. Do we cry foul? NO! Some things must be done in steps.

Step 1: we got their attention.

Step 2: we did something positive about it.

Step 3: don’t loose patience if we don’t get everything at once.

We continue with the courage of our convictions that no family needs to be threatened with seizure, foreclosure, and auction of their property with necks of the family under the guillotine’s annual threat of beheading and extraction for failure to pay an unreasonable tribute for what they already own.

Have you heard any solution by a pundit or lawmaker that eliminates this threat within whatever plan they are proposing? NO!

This is my #1 question to them: Where in your plan will you guarantee a man’s home is his castle and should be exempt from eviction or government intrusion and seizure for failure to pay a tribute on what you already own?

No newspaper editorialist or public servant will venture to answer that. They refer to hard core activists as unrealistic in wanting a total elimination. I’m asking all concerned property owners to stay the course and not be satisfied by the shortcomings of compromise from our lawmakers. Buckling under a compromise will not eliminate the annual guillotine. As we continue to unpeel layers of artificial oppressive government, our demand for accountability and transparency is paramount. This is a process; not a magic act. Remain true to your basic family values and the hard core convictions from our earlier days that brought our ancestors to this country. One step at a time and patience.

Paul the Patriot

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