"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The unending selfishness of politicians

The Indianapolis Star reports that newly elected city council person Dane Mahern plans to vacate his seat for the Statehouse. Nice, huh? Activist Paul Wheeler speaks to the outrage of Mahern's selfishness below. Go here to read what attorney and political blogger Gary Welsh has to say about Mahern's announcement.

Let's continue to expose Mahern for his selfish ambition, which is blind to the people.

Letter to Indianapolis Star by Paul Wheeler.
This latest stunt by a member of the City County Counsel underscores just how deep disingenuous behavior has been allowed to incubate for months within the CCC, reinforcing the public's perception of self serving members with a personal agenda, even if it means deceiving your own district's constituents by soliciting their votes for someone having no intention of serving them. And now he wants to carry this behavior into the Statehouse? What next: speaker,governor,president? It's all about Mahern; not the people. I'm reminded of Andre Carson, who blindly voted for a billion $ budget his first night he accepted a counsel seat, Monroe Gray whose ethics juiced the counsel, coupled with fellow democrats who refused to open inquiry for months until one week before the election when it was expedient. Mr. Mahern's district should be outraged they were used and misled with his ulterior motives. We demand that the counsel either now or when the new counsel in January is seated, censure unethical conduct, and I hope the Statehouse sees this for what it is: raw and abusive behavior that betrays allegiance to the people.


Paul Wheeler
Indy resident


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