"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, November 12, 2007

Grass Roots Love for Greg Ballard

It seems everyone wants a piece of Mayor elect Greg Ballard and he's not been elected a full week yet. It's like your Great Aunt Betty died and every greedy, self-serving relative that ignored her as she laid dying starts coming out of the woodwork to lay a claim on her estate.

The Republican party was a bad boyfriend that Greg needed to break up with, but did not because they gave him just enough attention to keep him hanging on. That said, kudos to grass roots campaign manager Kurt Fullbeck and John Cochran for their hard work right up to the final hour. And thanks to Congressman Burton for lending his capable aid Hobart Scales during the final week leading up to election day.

We didn't see Marion County Republican Chair Tom John do much of anything for Greg. Correct us if we are wrong, but we saw more help and money flowing from Libertarians for Greg Ballard than we saw from Tom John. We'd like to know what, if anything, Tom John did to help Greg Ballard get elected. (feel free to leave comments)

Now everyone is scrambling to get on Greg's good side afraid the city's door (and bank account access) will slam shut on them. We know Greg Ballard is his own man, can see right through a fair weather friend, and will use the people he needs to use to get our city under control.

The blog world and the media is snarkier than ever after the election. The man is not even mayor, has not had an opportunity to look at the true state of affairs of the city (not Bart's spin of the city's state), or get to know the players involved. Maybe that's because the players were not around during his campaign. Everyone seems to want an answer and a piece of the man and he's not even sworn in yet! Let's give him breathing room. Let Greg get into office, get IMPD under control, and then see where we are with our money. We're not going to know anything until we do that.

We have no doubt he is in office to serve the people first. And we trust he will make the best decisions possible with our money including putting big corporate interests, law firms, and construction companies in their place!

Greg, hang tough and thanks for recognizing the grassroots people that love you and got you elected. It is ok to tell the media "no" and just issue press releases when you want to give us updates.

We can't wait to see the housecleaning of our city begin.


Anonymous said...

I think the first thing Mr. Ballard needs to do is replace Tom John. He was absolutely no help to our new mayor. The party organization effectively ignored his campaign, and now is trying to take credit for the victory!! As a Republican, I am ashamed of our county organization.

Taxpayer said...

Anyone remember the story of the Little Red Hen???? Expect to see a lot more of these types who did nothing to help but now want a share of the pie.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out to Congressman Dan Burton. He helped mayoral candidates all across the 5th district, but was especially helpful to Ballard. He lent campaign staff and helped raise money as well.

Here's to Greg Ballard!