"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Spring bills will bankrupt homeowners: Articulate (yet spewing) fed-up homeowner sends an open letter to the General Assembly

Dear MitchPat (The beast with two backs),

Contrary to the information espoused by a popular cliché, you apparently CAN polish a turd.
When the following bit of information was first passed along to me, I didn't quite know how to react. I was shocked...disgusted...amazed... and strangely fascinated. The more I think about it, the more brilliant I find this idea. What could possibly hold such a strong grip on my attention?

The abject stupidity of another two-million dollar re-re-re-assessment for Marion County has provided me with this wonderment. Let’s see. The assessors-- to a hideous extraterrestrial being-- have already assured us that; “They will re-half-ass-ess us again, but we may not like the results”. That statement points; glaringly at the pompous, myopic, jack-booted condescension of the “System”, as it stands. They have just informed us that they have chosen a larger calibre of gun to shoot us with, at a later date.

If you can read the “Mitch“ plan[?], without vomiting or grinding your teeth to nubs, you will notice their re-emerging theme: “We want your money, and we don’t care how we get it”! This scenario is a chronic and pervasive condition for the state “government“. It does not regard party; nor, does it have an ability to limit itself. Like striking a drop of mercury with a hammer; it appears to have vanished, when in fact it has just broken itself into infinitesimal droplets of poison.

The idea of a one percent “hard cap” is the mirror, annual reassessment and appointed assessors is the smoke. You will now have an employee of the King decide your fate. Is that person going to bite the hand that feeds him? There will also be the little troubles of schools, businesses and rental property owners suing the state, until our backsides are so shot loose, we sound like the world’s largest Jug Band when the wind blows. Sure, you’re capped at one percent but, what alchemy WILL they use to prove that your two bedroom bungalow is worth the same as a Beverly Hills estate?

If anyone can prove to me that the governmentally enforced inability of a citizen of this state to own their property is a good thing, I will give them my house. The argument of stable funding sources for the “Government” is neither an argument; nor, a logical statement. Just as foolish as the joke about the farmer with a herd of three legged pigs, saying he couldn’t eat them all at once, because he cared so much for them. State “government” has assumed that same posture. “If we cripple them, we can appear virtuous in caring for them”.

The time for rebellion has come. The time we are acting is now. The immoral and degrading property tax must be removed immediately, to preserve We the People. The solvency of the “Government” be damned! The “government” does not, and cannot exist, without We the People, no matter how much the politicians believe that it can. Ironically, the friction of your furious polishing of this golden turd has generated enough heat, that the odour is intensifying, and permeating the entire system. Consider our vote, and our protests, to be an air freshener.
Please respond with other than the “Canned answer”. The 13.2% sales tax rate is a bluster, and not well thought out, at that. I, and others, are fed up with the Gospel according to Luke Kenley. Where are your original ideas? And, I have seen no mention of spending reductions from you. Where are they?


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Anonymous said...

Our fate is in the hands of the very people that brought us this mess.