"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Friday, November 9, 2007

Open Letter to Dennis Ryerson, Publisher of the Indianapolis Star

Greetings Mr. Ryerson,

We hear via Abdul's blog and Indy Undercover that Mayor Peterson is setting up multi-year city contracts for his friends before he leaves office. As the state's #1 media source, we would like for you to investigate and publish the contracts so the public (and the mayor elect) know what financial committments Mayor Peterson is making now with our money.

If this is just ugly rumor and Mayor Peterson is not arranging last minute business for his friends, you can tell us that too. We just want to know what is happening with our money and depend on our press to tell us.

Best Regards,
Melyssa, volunteer

Mr. Dennis Ryerson replied very quickly. Here is his response:

Thanks. We will investigate this. Thanks for the message. Any time you hear anything like this, please let me know. Of course our standards are different than those of others. There are a lot of rumors out there, or things that are extrapolated from other things and soon it looks like a scandal. Also, we will need to verify what we hear. But I agree that these things should not be allowed to happen.


Anonymous said...

In other words ... don't hold your breath until we get around to it. We're to busy praising the (soon-to-be former) Mayor for bringing all wonderful hotels, airport, stadium, etc., to Indy!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey Dennis still sucking ass are you,This is why your paper is dieing a slow death,GET IT,DON'T GET IT, You might want to check back in the archives as to what the paper used to be and the awards that the investagating reporters the paper had.

Anonymous said...

Dennis does have a hot wife for an old bastard.
I know i would

Anonymous said...

Your kidding about the wife, right?

Rod Mc floppin said...

Yeah? Mary, the bug-eyed sprite?


I wouldn't do her with Dennis'

colonist said...

It is one thing to inquire of the Star whether it will investigate rumors or leaks from the current administration, but entirely another to get personal. We do not need to alienate the media, as they have been very helpful in covering our protests and rallies, when they could have easily ignored us an insignificant fringe of malcontents. The Star already has egg on its face for endorsing a looser; enough said. Yes, we are satisfied with the election outcome, but that should not make us gloat or be arrogant. We have a divided city. Only alittle over 5,000 votes made the difference. The last thing we need is to be at odds with the media. If anything, they have been more than courteous to us. Enough with the personal stuff!