"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Friday, November 30, 2007

State stashes BILLIONS of your money & has huge cash reserves

The 2006 INDIANA CAFR is in the activists' hands

This report is called the "Comprehensive Annual Financial Report" and it is published by each state every single year. The report is purposely complicated. It tells how much money is off budget. You will be surprised to learn that Indiana's politicians have squirreled away enough of our money so that we would not have to collect tax at all for several years. Big thumbs up to One Tax Bill From Homeless for having the kahunas to be the latest to bring this to public light.

Activists around the capitol are busy now crunching the numbers inside this report so that you can know what is really going on while you aren't watching the politicians. This is the last thing the politicians want YOU to find out!

FreedomLaw.com, authored by an Indiana attorney and freedom activist, published information on the CAFR more than 10 years ago and says:

"CAFR: The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is an important and vital key to understanding government and its insatiable appetite. The information at
this area
does not seek to determine guilt or innocence, but rather to
educate those that are being taxed into oblivion as to the existence of this
very carefully held secret. "

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Anonymous said...

Watch "The Biggest Game in Town" which explains that the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports for ALL government jurisdictions (federal, state, county, local) document that over 80% of all wealth and property and assets in the USA is controlled and owned by government. Video link is here -