"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Who is the Indiana Voters League?

This PAC was instrumental in helping throw incumbent Bart Peterson out of office and usher in the unbelieveable victory of Mayor-elect Greg Ballard.

Indiana Voters League:
"Trust, Transparency, and Thrift in our Government"

Ken Morgan, Founder

The Indiana Voters League is a coalition of concerned citizens. It is the political arm of many separate groups. It is a loose alliance of people motivated to make changes in Indiana politics. They meet in living rooms and church basements and they seek ways to illuminate the fog that clouds the workings of our government.
They are angry and ready to work to defeat candidates. They want to do this outside the political party system because the political parties do not seem trustworthy. The primary concern of these people is runaway spending and oppressive taxation, but graft and incompetence are also large in their minds. Indiana law, incredibly, compels citizens to report their political speech to the government if that speech costs a hundred dollars or more to make.
If you pass out a flyer condemning or praising a candidate and you spend a hundred dollars doing it, you have to report it or be charged with a misdemeanor and a fine of $1000. Thus, we registered the Indiana Voters League with the state as a Political Action Committee (PAC). Unlike most PACs, we are not funded by big business, or moneyed interests. We are hardly funded at all. Our money comes out of people’s small change. Our contributions and our expenditures are meager. What we have is a network of voters. So far we have spent about $2000 dollars. In terms of political races that is a paltry sum.We don’t need much money because of the way we use it.
Building and working a network of voters is what we do. We build consensus for or against candidates, hand out flyers, hold pitch in suppers in homes, and talk with folks when we are pumping gas. We seek to harness the outrage that has put Indianans demonstrating on the street and focus that outrage at the polls.
The demonstrators you see are the tip of an iceberg. Submerged underneath a surface of a dozen demonstrators is a mass of hardened people ready to tear the hull of what is seen as titanic coruption and incompetence. For the 2007 mayoral race in Indianapolis, we printed 40,000 slate card. Through a chain of relationships we handed out as many out as we could prior to the election. Most of the rest we managed to hand out on Election Day by manning polling stations where there was the greatest chance of unseating an incumbent we did not trust.
We endorsed incumbents, mostly republican, but also a few democrats, who were people we thought had shown a record of integrity and fiscal conservatism. Mostly we opposed incumbents. Whichever party is in power in a local jurisdiction is most likely to be our target.
Our goal is to throw out incumbents who do not appear to be acting like statesmen. We will do this until we have enough statesmen and women in office that we can trust our government again.


Anonymous said...

Ken, don't forget about the endorsed Libertarians!!

Why are you people always forgetting the Libertarians????

piper said...

We haven't forgotten about you! We want to see you win!

We also don't want to sully you, by mentioning you in the same statement with Brat Petersomething or, the GA goofs.

Keep up the GREAT WORK!