"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Chris Spangle (Abdul's talk show producer) discusses the Republican holiday party

WXNT AM 1430 Producer, Chris Spangle (right)
with Activist Larry Vaughn (left)

On Chris' new blog format (which we like a lot) he adds his eyewitness account of Monday's Republican Holiday dinner:

My Analysis:

I was at the party that Melyssa is referring to. In fact, other than Tully, I was the only member of the media that was there. (You can listen to the podcast of these speeches on the WXNT podcast feed.) It was about 1,000 Republicans gathered to hear the Governor and John Kasich.

This was a fund raiser for the GOP. It wasn’t a cozy party with people in gaudy holiday sweaters. It was a thousand people at a big catered dinner to raise money for the GOP. Ballard was the darling of the ball. And he wasn’t kissing butt, asking people to support him. He was there being chased, and wasn’t having to chase others. I would tend to agree that a lot of the State Party’s donors, those that spent Monday evening schmoozing Ballard, denied him before November 5th… And his speech from that night is a MUST LISTEN.

He mentions several times that he did not have any money for his campaign. There were telling looks at every table. I think if Melyssa and other activists heard this, they’d cheer at his comments. But, he is the leader of a Billion dollar corporation now, and must make some new contacts and friends. Powerful friends. To bring about the change that Indianapolis needs, you have to know those who have wielded power. Lobbyists, King Makers, and business donors are not a bad thing for politics as long as the person elected understands that he is there to represent the people who elected him. He isn’t there to make new campaign donors.

A fundamental truth in politics and life is that more money equals more access and power. BUT, Imagine Ballard as Eve in the garden. While some serpents may crawl near and whisper enticing propositions in his ear over the next few years, those serpents are only as powerful as Ballard’s choices.

Ballard will never forget having to go to the smallest neighborhood meetings to let ANYONE know that he existed. Relax. The average person doesn’t need a seat at the table because of who Ballard is and where he comes from. When you’ve been scorned by someone, you don’t forget, even if you forgive.


Melyssa said...

Thanks Chris for your perspective. We appreciate it and YOU very much!

Chris Spangle said...

Thank you for posting it. I didn't want you to think I was slandering you, I just think Ballard WILL do right by the HFFT folks as long as you all are there to keep an eye on him! He's an honorable guy.

Anonymous said...

Leon Tailoring should to do Spangle/Vaughn suit makeovers.
Paper hats are cool though. Larry Vaughn for Congress! Everybody wins!