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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Saturday, December 8, 2007

City records moving at record speed

All city contracts are moving next week!

Why is the city moving its contracts just two weeks before Bart leaves office?

Included in this move are the Veolia Water and US Filter contracts.

Politicians from other cities that did deals with Veolia are in federal prison. Is this a coincidence?

What, if anything, is Ballard's transition team doing to watch the move?

Who supervises the move?

Why didn't attorneys Carl Brizzi and Susan Brooks who are on Ballard's transition team do anything to intercept this move which may be a ruse to remove documents that Bart & Co. don't want anyone to find? Documents that could get them in big trouble.

Why are ordinary citizens concerned and Ballard's team has not sought a judge to stop the move?

Why is it that this is alarming to a blog editor and not Carl Brizzi? Maybe it is the same reason prosecutor Carl Brizzi did not interfere with city council corruption and why he did not support Ballard's campaign.

This move needs to be delayed until Ballard's administration is fully in place and the people have 100% assurance that all documents will remain intact and properly filed.

This move has stink all over it and someone is likely covering up something.

Do the feds know about this?


Advance Indiana said...

The Star uncovered the fact that both Mayor Bart Peterson and then-CCC President Burt Servaas had a financial interest in the water deal they brokered for the city which neither publicly disclosed until after the deal was consummated.

Angry Republican said...

What law has been broken, or what law do you suspect has been broken? I mean, why would a judge intervene here? Simply because something seems fishy? I don't think that's enough for the court to be involved.

Let's face it, I'm glad Peterson is going and Ballard got elected. But Peterson is still the Mayor until the end of his term. He still has the authority, and the right, to govern. To me, that includes moving stuff (though, I would be interested to know what other offices are in the building where this office of compliance is moving to.)

If you think there's something in those documents, then make a FOIA or Open Records request for them.

Maybe this move doesn't seem right, but I also don't think there's a justiciable issue here unless there is evidence a crime has been committed or is about to be.

C'mon, Ballard won - you still have to let Bart be mayor for the next 3 weeks or so.


Anonymous said...

Burt Servaas is godfather of Bart Peterson and his name keeps coming up. Something is up.

Anonymous said...

You people obviously do not know a great deal about SerVass. May I suggest you spend a couple hours using Google and what you find may surprise you. It will also make you sick to your stomach.
Why do you suppose that one of the SerVaas companies, SerVaas Industries, is located in Douglass on the Isle of Man?
Anyone familiar with offshore banking and money laundering knows about the Isle of Man. Apparently SerVaas found it attractive enough.
Are we to not question that perhaps some kickbacks to city officials have not found their way into offshore accounts?
The paper shredders downtown are running 24/7 right now.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope a judge will issue an order to stop this move until Ballard is in control.

Let's also hope the feds are tracking the flow of the taxpayers' money out of Indianapolis.


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