"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, December 10, 2007

Homeowners are NOT enthusiastic about paying for monument to library board egos

The Indy Star reports that everything is hunky dory with the new library. Missing from the Indy Star is the story that the bonds to finance the library are backed by YOUR taxes and they put YOUR home at stake to build it.


Also missing from the story surrounding the library opening is the construction nightmare caused by the library board's decision to general contract the building themselves.

So even though we have this new library, in an age where most people use the internet for information, homeowners are so broke that many of us no longer have the means to pay our increased mortgage escrows.

Oblivious to Marion county homeowner woes including the plights our seniors who face losing their homes after decades of living in them, CEO Laura Bramble says, "It's not how much it costs, but how much it's worth to the community."

When asked why our taxpayers needed to fund another Taj Mahal like the stadium and the Field House, library board president Louis Mahern says, "What's wrong with a Taj Mahal for books?".
To Louis Mahern three wrongs to the taxpayer make a right.

We, the taxpayers who stay in Marion county, will be forced to pay for this monument to their egos for years to come when most citizens were happy with the old library the way it was.

This debacle should make the blood boil of every property owner in Marion county. If you read the comments on the Indy Star article, it appears that it does.


colonist said...

I'm for renaming it the City Mission for Taxpayers, so those who have lost their homes over an unfair system have somewhere to go. Don't visit the restrooms. You might hear Bart Peterson tapping his foot.

RHS-C said...

As I said "The bloody thing looks like a giant electric-shaver"!

They should have left the books at their - Ironically chosen" - temporary location in the historical museum.

Between booksellers and the internet, libraries are as viable in modern life as rhinestone leashes for you pet dinosaur.