"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, December 3, 2007

Indiana Society of Chicago: "Voters want a FRAUD they can believe in"

Sign displayed at the
2006 Indiana Society of Chicago Dinner


The common folk who pay the bills of the state are often made fun of by the rich elite who control things. These are the guys who ram their policies
through with little or no regard to you, the little guy writing the check that makes them richer. These are the same people that made fun of Ballard last summer and didn't support his campaign financially. Now they want him in their elite club because of the hard work YOU put in to get him elected.

Unless you are rich, elitist or a rich elitist wannabe, you might not know about their annual dinner. Until November 7th, this was not a dinner that would never offer a place at the table for mayor-elect Greg Ballard. Thanks to the hard work of ordinary people who are often laughed at by the very people who attend this dinner, plenty of time was made by Ballard's 'handlers' to whisk him to Chicago last weekend to attend this dinner.

Ballard's new best friends, the same people who often laughed at him last summer, seem to be the ones that get his time these days. Tom John, chairman of the Marion County republicans, who sits on Ballard's transition team, was one of people who didn't believe in him. Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi who controls a lot of GOP money and turned a blind eye toward the corruption in the city county council, is all over Ballard these days.

A phone call with John Cochran, Ballard's former campaign manager and now executive in charge of the transition team, tells us that Ballard wants to have a party for the campaigners and activists who did the real work to get him elected. We are not sure why the elist snobs who laughed at Ballard last summer get a place at the table first, but we're going to give Ballard the benefit of the doubt and hope he will keep his campaign promises.

The campaign promises we are most concerned with are to use a bully pulpit to push for REPEAL of property tax, put IMPD back under the mayor's office, and make the business of government transparent and friendly to the people who pay the bills.

We are on Ballard's press release list and will keep you posted. Supposedly he plans to give the People a seat at the table and we're still waiting to see evidence of that. Words are not enough for us...we want to see ownership of words in action.

We're going to be patient and wait to see him honor his word and the people who gave their all to get him into office. We hope he will show us that WE THE PEOPLE are the one's that matter and not the elitist snobs who laugh at us and laughed at him before he was elected.


Taxpayer said...

Let's give the man a chance. Can you imagine how much stuff has hit Greg Ballard since Nov. 6? This citizen saw him as a straight shooter in numerous conversations at numerous rallies -- he can't do everything at once.

colonist said...

From a man of the people to a tutorial class on mayoral challenges, this is a giant transition for an unknown. The people wanted a non-politician and that's what we got. We should reserve judgement until we see his actions as Mayor.


We said we're going to wait and see, however, we want to be clear that it is not lost on us that there is time to attend hoity toity dinners last weekend and still no time to meet with the activists and the street soldiers that got him elected.

Don't tell me there is not time for the activists because there is time to have dinner in Chicago with the elitist snobs that laughed at him four months ago when the people were doing the hard grass roots work.

All we're saying is that those people do not come first! The mayor OWES the people, not the elitist machine.

Anonymous said...

HFFT; You are 100% correct in expecting almost immediate signs to those who supported him. He needs to reinforce the belief that people put in him that things can change. We all look at actions, not words. Unfortunately, early actions are.....disappointing.