"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

MEMO TO STATE HOUSE: Most people are working at 10am!

Several of our activists were at the House Ways & Means committee public hearing yesterday to give testimony on why property tax should be abolished and were on the news last night. They went through a lot to get in front of the legislators on your behalf. We saw Dave Bond of Stop Indiana give a passionate plea. We also heard Abu Henderson speak. There was also a good showing from Mr. Price's statewide citizen tax activist alliance.

Citizens are not paid to be at that meeting all day like the politicians are. They have to take time off work to testify at these public hearings. The powers that be made them wait yesterday all day long to be heard if they are pro-repeal. They arrived at the State House as early as 7 am to put their name on the list to speak and were forced to wait all day. This is a tactic used by the politicians who want to play their shell game with your money. They hope you will get tired of waiting and leave before your turn comes to testify.

Case in point. Ken Morgan, founder of Indiana Voters League arrived at 8 a.m., waited for ten hours until 6 p.m., when he had to leave for an appointment. He never got to testify after staying up half the night preparing his remarks.

Ways & Means means, the ways by which they take your money and the means by which they get it.

WE THE PEOPLE feel it is most fair to have public hearings after 5pm so that it is not a hardship to attend them to testify. We don't need public hearings at Light of the World Christian Church or any other church. We ask our legislators to stay late for the citizens of our State so that more people have an opportunity to have a seat at the table inside the State House and participate in the process that decides our future without hardship on their careers.

And remember...they are lying when they say repeal is not possible. This is the politicians' shell game with your money. Like they said at their snooty dinner in Chicago last year: "The voters want a fraud they can believe in." We need to get the snooty lying, self serving politicians out of government. Hoosiers For Fair Taxation will help you understand who to target for the big flush in 2008.

Never forget that they laugh at you and the ways they steal your money behind your back. We know because we are there watching for you.

You can add Representative Bill Crawford's name to the "flush list" for next year. We will bring you more on Representative Crawford and where his bodies are buried later...but let's just say he can start getting his resume together.

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Angry Republican said...

So, your point is that the legislature should start their meetings later in the day (early evening perhaps) so folks can attend?

So, let's say they started that meeting at 6:00 p.m. Yesterday's meeting went, what, 8 hours? So, you'd have them start the meeting at 6 and go until 2 am? How will those hard-working Hoosiers who will now, in droves, attend the meeting then get up for work for their morning shifts?

What about those who work 2nd or 3rd shift? They would be shut out of this process if the meetings were moved to the evenings, right?

I know it seems unfair, but the fact of the matter is that it is far more practical to have these meetings during the day (or at least start them then). Resources for legislators are around during the day.

This is an important point in life. People have to make choices. If it's so important for you to come speak on the matter, then you'll do it. It might cost you a personal day or vacation day or whatever, or you might have to lose a day's worth of wages. I know that sucks, but if this issue is so important that you just have to attend to speak, then you make that choice.

We all make choices like this. It may seem unfair, but someone will have to make this choice, regardless of what time they have the meetings. Given that, it just seems to make more sense to have the meetings start during the day. If the meeting goes long enough (and sometimes they do), you could always show up later.

I just don't understand this (and, if you've got Eric Miller speaking for you, really, does anyone else need to show up?) [SARCASM]