"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Sunday, January 20, 2008

ALERT: CITIZEN SHUT OUT! SJR 8 (property tax repeal bill)

We just received this call for action from StopIndiana.com We need everyone at the State house again on Tuesday! Please duplicate this announcement to everyone on your lists.
--HFFT editors

Dear Fellow Hoosiers: It's time again, to rally and converge upon the Senate Rules Committee, scheduled to meet this Tuesday, in Room 431, to discuss SJR8 (link), at 5:30PM.

The word now is they'll vote to KILL repeal by studying it to death, in a summer "study" committee. If the committee moves forward with SJR8, as they KNOW citizens want them to do, they'll have four years (!!!) to study repeal and adopt one of several, viable replacement plans. If Republican Senators have killed SJR8 (and we hope that's not the case); how much more out of touch could these folks be?

The first major ramp in property taxes of 100% to 500% increases was nearly five years ago (yeah, it was 2003), during which time, an entire class of college freshman has graduated and some have earned graduate degrees. More time to study...? If these folks need more time to study it's time for them to drop out, just go, and get an early start on a summer committee of their recreational choice. Thanks, but we can't take any more of that style of public "service."

Abdul (Indianabarrister.com) is reporting that the Senate Republican Caucus voted 2-to-1 last Thursday (by a process CLOSED TO CITIZENS), against moving SJR8 to the Senate floor for an open vote. This latest misstep by Republicans is reminiscent of last year's, pre-election city council meetings in Indianapolis, where citizens were shut out- this citizen shutout is no different!

Committee members who deny citizens the right, to an open discussion and vote on the floor of the Senate, should be unelected in May or November. Members of the Rules Committee and other legislators, have openly acknowledged, that SJR8 would pass, if brought to the Senate floor for a vote. So, what does it mean if they choose to kill SJR8 by any means? Let's see, Senators, who routinely face election challenges, shrinking violets that they are, would vote for SJR8, because they're afraid not to, or, could it be they know, that it's what their CONSTITUENTS WANT THEM TO DO? Hint: Constituent is another word for employer.

We may well have a crop of legislators who are tired and don't care about reelection. But why should that become the citizens' problem? Indiana needs bold, proactive leadership; not mediocrity, by default of a limited range of special interest reflexes. Indiana can lead rather than follow, but that will take leadership.

Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson, is the champion of an elimination plan in his state's legislature called The Great Plan For Georgia developed in consultation with Economist Arthur Laffer. Some have suggested that because other states haven't eliminated property taxes, that it can't be done; never bothering themselves, to exercise a calculator and demonstrate their vast knowledge of "can't."

Several states, including South Carolina, Florida, Washington, Oregon and Vermont, also have repeal efforts underway. The day is coming when a citizen centered legislature will demonstrate that property taxes "can" be eliminated. Let's meet Tuesday evening (1/22, 5:30, Room 431), to review the state of our representation. Be sure to check this link for any "last minute" updates.


Anonymous said...

It seems to be that these cowards are embarked on removing Article 13 as well. This would be a huge ex post facto robbery from the citizens. We may have to organize against passing the Constitutional Amendment if all it does is to ratify some judicial fictions.

Anonymous said...

Reading the Georgia comments on property tax elimination- looks like they have the same group of lobbyist naysayers down there too.