"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lawmakers: It is time to answer to the People & the Press



January 21, 2008

It is the work of journalists to protect America's citizens from tyranny by publishing facts thereby holding our lawmakers accountable to the rule of law. Unbiased journalism separates precious rule of law and freedom from tyranny. Overwhelmingly Hoosiers demand repeal of property tax, yet our politicians artfully maneuver to keep the status quo. Property tax "reform" is the shell game by which politicians stop taking from one pocket, only to dig into another instead.

The meat of the truth underlying the property tax crisis lies somewhere between the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the bond debt, and most sadly the failure of our elected officials to obey the rule of law to which they gave their oaths to defend.

More than ever Indiana's citizens need her journalists to defend help defend our property rights as given to us by our Constitution. Below are questions to which the People need answers. Do you have the courage to give Indiana's people the answers?

1. What percentage of our property tax dollars is used to illegally secure bond debt?
(Hint: it is many times greater than what is being spent on township government)

2. Who authorized citizens' homes (property taxes) to be used as collateral (without consent) against the state's bond debt? Who is responsible for this oversight of the rule of law?

3. Which bond banks are writing loans that guarantee repayment with our property as collateral without signed disclosure documents?

4. How much money does the state have off budget according to the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report)?

5. Where is our off budget money kept and how much interest does it draw?

6. Who prepared the CAFR in its current format?

7. Why was the format of the CAFR changed?

8. Why does the CAFR appear to be purposely prepared so that no one, not even economists, clearly understand it?

9. Why are our politicians are not obeying the Indiana Constitution (Article I, Section 22) which states: It is FORBIDDEN for the state to enact the seizure and sale of homes for payment of taxes. Article 8 states that taxes from only corporate property, not personal property, is to be used for public schools.

It is OUR government and it is OUR job to oversee it.

It is the job of an ethical press to be part of the checks and balances which defend our liberty. More than ever Indiana needs her journalists to push this issue and get to the bottom of the bond debt and the legality of using Hoosier homes without consent and against the tenants of the Indiana Constitution as loan collateral.

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