"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

HALF-WAY TO NOWHERE - Essay by Patriot Paul

Patriot Paul holds the Indiana Tea Party tea bag

If Patrick Henry’s words ‘Give me liberty or give me death’ carry any meaning for today’s Indiana legislature, these lofty words have been lost in both Houses, whose lawmakers seem content in status quo gimmicks and watered down solutions they expect Hoosiers to swallow as the best they can do. In our earlier days colonialists shook off the oppression of the King’s policy enforced by his Regulars, and responded with a Tea Party revolt and writings such as ‘Common Sense’ coupled with speeches by forward thinking Patriots yearning for a new day of freedom.

So how does Indiana factor into this other than the obvious similarities?
Known as ‘Naptown’, Indianapolis is a perfect example of citizens in a Rip Van Winkle sleep with electile dysfunction, while legislatively challenged lawmakers as beauty contestant winners from their district, drive residents down a road of property tax Despair instead of Repair.
The debate is not who is responsible for these unqualified and fiscally and morally challenged legislators, but whether citizens will exercise their voice once awakened to the encroachment of their inherent rights and invasion of their property and pocket book. 2007 answered with more than a yawn, with protests and a Tea Party vote that carried results with a message we’ve ‘had enough’, ‘we’re watching’ and ‘we’re not going away’.

Just as the first tea party sparked a movement that took a few revolutionary years to complete, activists must learn to walk on their sleepy unstreched legs while exercising patience coupled with fortitude and continued activism until this battle turns in favor of citizen-employer. Many editorialists, columnists, and bloggers within Indiana have issued alerts that citizens; not legislators, should be the ones to stand up and demand accountability for leaders they put into office for anything of substance to result, and with justifiable reasoning claim we should not leave reform to the political foxes in charge of the chicken coop. At least the media got it, finally. Activists should not be deceived by the daily proliferation of proposals, amendments, pandering and sound bites; much of which is meant for public consumption or political posturing.

Conversely, it seems statis lawmakers are the ones who are now in slumber land, oblivious to the cries of an electorate which won’t go away, and they consider IN the way and to be ignored.

We are half way through a legislative process that will guarantee little fiscal relief, because it is being designed as a sleeping pill to put us to bed. Now that we have awakened from a long winter’s nap, let’s hope we don’t swallow it. The idea of reform in stages is good, but legislators’ only permanent fix about tax reform has become a permanent mess.

While citizen activists do not have a waiting limo with open door waiting for a lawmaker to be whisked to the nearest watering hole for a good ol boy guzzling, we only have our guts and ‘common sense’; our voice and our vote. One thing is certain. True reform will not happen this session, despite the deceptive spin of the biggest tax break in history. As in colonial times, the battle must continue with vigilance until the war is won by citizen action. We are left with no choice but to remove every incumbent in November until they get it right and let our voice be heard until they wake up.

Patriot Paul

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