"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Friday, January 11, 2008

Patriot Paul receives standing ovation for speaking at last night's tax forum

Government as Protector; not Predator

My name is Paul Wheeler with Hoosiers For Fair Taxation. Over 50% of Hoosiers want permanent elimination of Property Tax according to a November poll through Advance America, and we are tired of being threatened every year by our local and State government. We are tired of watching some Senators and Representatives talk about reform, and instead posture, circumvent, and stroke their own egos while sending us a band aid for THEIR immoral legislation that put us all in Property Tax Hell. Anything short of repeal does not stop the government from seizing your home, farm or business, then foreclosing and evicting your family into the street. It is IMMORAL. Legislators who preside over a broken system send out property tax assessments that are nothing more than RANSOME NOTES for kidnapping what we have spent a lifetime to own.

Our founding fathers found taxation without representation revolting and abusive. If they knew that all taxes combined in OUR society TODAY equal citizens working 1/3 of their working life just for our government, they would consider today’s legislators as traitors and our current system an abomination. Our government was designed to be a PROTECTER; not a PREDATOR and I assure you that immoral eviction of citizens from their property is NOT the common good.
We just removed one Mayor who had a 70% approval rating and was the president of the league of cities, and a giant Tax Tea Party is waiting this November for every incumbent misrepresenting the will of the people and failing to observe our Constitution which says power is inherent in the PEOPLE. There is no bill being considered, except total elimination that would make this evil kidnapping of our property go away. ** And I will fight for Hoosiers, their families, homes, farms and businesses until I draw my last breath and these snake-legislators have to slither over my cold smoldering body.

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