"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, January 14, 2008

PRESS RELEASE: "State of the state is mistaken"


Tuesday January 15th, 6pm
Indiana State House
3rd Floor, Outside House Chamber

Media Contacts:
Dave Bond 317-446-6435

Melyssa Donaghy 317-938-8913

Press conference by the People, for the People
Immediately after State of the State Address

Citizens from around the state, some with families in tow, will arrive as early as 6pm outside the House Chamber to hear the "State of the State" address. Citizens will speak to the press to emphasize the need to rebuild our antiquated government, cut spending, eliminate pork projects, and permanently repeal property tax.

Indiana's citizens are worth the effort to rebuild state government. We deserve better access to government, access to the decisions that effect our lives, and access to vote on SJR 8, the property tax repeal bill which was headed for a secret death in committee until the citizens staged two rallies last week bringing light to the fate planned for the People's opportunity for property tax repeal.

The People deserve full respect as the bill paying power that lawfully controls our government. On Tuesday, we, once again, claim our power.


Anonymous said...

We will be there but it's a sad state of affairs that in spite of all that has happened re the property taxes causing personal economic disaster for the citizens we still have to beg, plead and grovel for them to fix the property tax mess. Arrogant bunch they are.

Anonymous said...


We're planning on bringing at least 40 or 50 people from New Albany.

Freedom Of Speech

Redhead said...

I was down at the State Library looking up something from 1932 in the Indianapolis News and in February 1932 there was an article on the front page that had headlines "Republicans want to do away with Township Assessors" Now 75 years later nothing has changed even one little bit!

Yes, these are very arrogant attys. who have been in the Indiana Legislature from 15 to 30 years. Don't you guys think that we ought to get up groups of protesters, this year, and Vote All of the Encombants OUT?

Melyssa said...

I think we need to form coalitions that have thousands ready to sign ballot access petitions to bypass the parties and slate candidates as independents.

I would like to see the political parties put out of power.

I'm thrilled to hear about the New Albany contingent!

God bless Indiana!

Redhead said...

To Melyssa,

Everyone I know thinks that would be absolutely wonderful. But how the hell are you going to get that done?

Redhead said...

Also, does anyone know what happened to the Taxpayers law suit that John Price took before the judge a week or so before the election in November??? No one I know has ever heard another word about it???

melyssa said...

Redhead, I'm going to find a passionate patriot and IT guy to help me. I've got one in mind now. There are ways to do this and it won't be done overnight.

If you would like to help and join our merry band of activists, we would love to have you join us.