"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another reason taxpayers need to fire Representative Bill Crawford in November

Abu Henderson, a democratic precinct committeeman,
will run against state rep. Bill Crawford in November.
He is pictured here at the "Breakfast at Bart's" protest held last summer

Channel 8's Jim Shella reports that Representative Bill Crawford accused Mayor Ballard of politicizing the issue of government consolidation because it would require the firing of township trustees. Instead Crawford wants to postpone talks and wait to see what happens next year with the Shepherd Kernan report recommendations. Crawford is in no hurry to save the taxpayers money.

The township trustees being protected are often folks like Representative Crawford's good friend and crony, Carl Drummond.

You should recall that Bill Crawford is no friend of the taxpayer. He also sits on the board of Shrewsberry Associates, a company that openly boasts a long list of government contracts.

You also might remember Bill Crawford from the Channel 13 state house forum that was aired last month. Crawford sat with his arms tightly crossed during the entire meeting and projected an arrogant and aloof demeanor to the public. In fact, he did not show one shred of compassion for any of the citizens who spoke out about unfair taxation and the hardship they faced because of property tax.

Representative Crawford's replacement will be Abu Henderson, who has a tremendous level of grass roots support. Abu is a hard working neighborhood activist and democratic precinct committeeman. You might recall that Abu is the guy that stood up at last summer's council meeting and first told of Patrice Abdullah's illegal residency and later let activists know that Monroe Gray and Beth White both knew for months and did nothing.

We will tell you more about Abu's candidacy later. Just remember his name for now.

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Anonymous said...

What the politicians are proposing is a large tax increase with a large shift from property taxes to sales taxes. No tax decrease. NO TAX CUT as the political mantra echoed by the mindless media indicates.

They need to pass the bipartisan recommendations of the Shepard Kernan Commission which lowers the cost of delivering government services by $400 million.

A message from Former Gov. Joe Kernan

We've got to stop governing like this!