"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Apology to Jon Elrod and correction

According to Rep. Jon Elrod he was not requested to raise $300,000 for the Republican party, but is only fundraising for himself. We stand corrected and apologize for what was stated in an earlier post on this blog.

Jon Elrod was asked about hiring 1 to 1 Media, the marketing company connected with Eric Miller's Advance America. Elrod said his campaign hired the company and he didn't know who was hired. He also said his website is built and he has no plans to change it. He mentioned he felt no need to speak out publicly on this because his record supporting the hate crimes bill and his stance against SJR7 speaks for itself.

Jon has not shown himself in any way to be an ememy to the taxpayer. Overall Jon's record and hard work is an ally to the taxpayer.

However, can he do more for the taxpayer on the property tax repeal front? And why is he not committed to finish the term he was elected to complete as a state representative for the constituents in his district?

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Anonymous said...

As said, Jon is not an enemy to the taxpayer . . . Andre is. The real question is who do you want to represent you, Jon Elrod or Andre Carson. The reality is that Sean CANNOT win. Therefore, a vote for the Republican sounding Sean takes from Jon and gives Andre his pass to the U.S. Congress. A vote for Sean just helps Andre win. By voting for Sean you are saying that you prefer the socialist Andre Carson over Jon Elrod. If you are a taxpayer, this is dangerous. Elect ELROD! Vote Elrod!