"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The "GIT LIST" updated -- Senators who are for/against the People

We apologize, the former list we published contained errors. This is the corrected list which will remain as a permanent link on the HFFT site. Thanks for your patience with us. We're just volunteers and sometimes stretched thin. --HFFT

List #1: Senators who might be (we're not sure), for the People and open process:

1) Phil Boots
2) Mike Delph
3) Jeff Drozda
4) Greg Walker
5) Brent Waltz
6) John Waterman
7) Tom Weatherwax
8) Brent Steele
9) Mike Young1
0) Joe ZakasList

#2: People's GIT LIST (git outa here) or senators outspoken & opposed to open process:

1) Ron Alting
2) Vaneta Becker
3) Richard Bray
4) Ed Charbonneau
5) Dr. Gary Dillon
6) David Ford
7 ) Beverly Gard
8) Brandt Hershmann
9) Robert Jackman
10) Luke Kenley
11) Dennis Kruse
12) Sue Landske
13) Connie Lawson
14) David Long
15) Teresa Lubbers
16) Robert Meeks
17) James Merritt
18) Pat Miller
19) Ryan Mishler
20) Johnny Nugent
21) Allen Paul
22) Marvin Riegsecker
23) Tom Wyss
24) Connie Sipes


Apples of Gold said...

I'm a little behind in the news. What did these people do to get on the gitlist? I'm so curious.

Anonymous said...

Tom Wyss is the MORON who came storming out of the State of the Stadt address, ranting about how "we little people wanted so much but, arent willing to pay for it".

One fellow told him that he "was tired of Indiana using his arse-hole for an ATM". I told him "he'd best watch who he says that to or, he might wind up worse than out of office"...

These arrogant boobs had better find a way to repeal or, they will be repealed.

Piper said...

Apples of gold,

The "people" on the git list are the people who say that it is wrong for you to own your home.

They are charlatans, liars and thieves!