"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, February 18, 2008

Carson is not ready for Congress

Note from the Chairman of Republican Party

As March 11, the date of the 7th Congressional District special election, draws nearer, it’s becoming clear that the Indiana Democratic Party is already in desperation mode.

The news this week has shown what we already know: The Democrats choose to campaign negatively rather than talk about the issues.But the real issues are clear. Democrat candidate Andre Carson is not ready to be a Congressman. He was appointed to the Indianapolis City-County Council just five months ago, and has yet to show a true understanding of the issues.

On Monday, Carson demonstrated that his actions do not match his rhetoric. In the morning he held a press conference announcing his commitment to education. That same evening, he voted at a Council meeting against a new charter school for Indianapolis children.

On Tuesday, Carson backed out of a forum with Rep. Elrod at the last minute.

On Wednesday, Democrats launched their smear campaign.

Although Carson’s brief record does not hold up under scrutiny, he is considered by many to be the favorite, mainly due to his current cash advantage.

This is an upset in the making, one that is strikingly similar to another we saw in November 2007, when then-candidate Greg Ballard was a supposed underdog against former Mayor Bart Peterson. The media assumed Marion County was a Democratic stronghold and that the incumbent with stacks of cash would cruise to victory. When polls began to show otherwise, the Democrats launched their smear campaign, but Marion County voters were not swayed by dirty tricks. Nor will they be on March 11. The Democrats are desperate. They cannot afford to lose another big race and will engage in nonsense and mudslinging if that’s what it takes.

With your help, the 7th District can send a qualified leader in Jon Elrod to Congress.

Ok, Mr.Chairman...exactly WHAT makes Elrod so qualified? What has he DONE for the Hoosier taxpayer in his district? While the press release above is very convincing as to why we should not vote for Carson, it fails to tell us why Elrod is such a treat for the taxpayer. Further, the press release fails to mention that there is another candidate in this race who is campaigning just as hard as Elrod and who is raising money too.

We are still waiting for answers. Why is Elrod working so hard to avoid a debate with Sean Shepard, the libertarian candidate? --HFFT

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