"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, February 18, 2008

Legislators Vote for Movies; Betray Hoosiers; Governor.

Overriding the Governor for the first time, our wonderful General Assembly thought it prudent during a statewide property tax crisis to obscenely award $30 million of taxpayer money in incentives to the film industry. Indiana has enough on its plate with high priced initiatives in drawing a superbowl bid and various conferences to the Convention Center while juggling a property tax reform that is falling short of expectations.

“It’s truly an irresponsible decision, and I can’t imagine what they were thinking” – Gov.Daniels (AP)

“Legislators have given out $30 million in corporate subsidies, most of which are likely to go to existing businesses and not bring a single new job to our state” – Gov.Daniels (Indpls.Star)

Simultaneously, House Speaker Bauer (D-S.Bend) projects that with a recession and less revenue, tax relief is in jeopardy if schools have a shortfall and the State has to find the difference.

If that is true, then shelling out millions of dollars to Hollywood when Hoosiers are being taxed out of their homes is all the more unconscionable. The Governor has every right to be upset with both the House and Senate voting to override his veto, especially when those crying within the Assembly claimed there was no time for anything but property tax relief. Instructing lawmakers during the ‘Mistake of the State Address’ with calls of bravery, his own party preferred to watch movies. The real calamity is not his re-election prospects but the colossal blunder our economically challenged and entertainment plagued lawmakers have perpetrated on the good people of Indiana.

Academy awards go to:
Indiana General Assembly: Worst Picture of the Year

Pat Bauer (House Speaker): Worst actor in a leading role

Brian Bosma (House minority leader): Worst actor in a supporting role

Theresa Lubbers (Sen.): Worst actress for Visual effects in Bride of Chucky (1 of 12 Senators who shot down property tax repeal bill 008).

Bill Crawford (Chairman House Ways and Means): Worst minority short story “Smoken” (refused to hear SB 280 to consolidate Fire Depts.)

David Long (Senate Majority Leader): Worst Short Film of the Year: “Ground 0, the Killing Fields” SJR 8-Propety Tax Repeal axed

Senator Mike Delph (R, Carmel), Worst foreign film, (“Viva La Mexico”) SB 335 – Immigration.

Rep.Scott Pelath (D. Michigan City), Worst Short Script (“Marriages are Us”). Refused to hear SJR 7- the definition of Marriage Bill

If there is an upside, maybe we can have Hollywood cameras broadcast breaking news of our legislators being handcuffed on charges of treason for bringing aid and comfort to Hollywood instead of to suffering Hoosiers. They can also record all the good citizen-activists of Indiana who take to the streets in protests as the promised property tax relief dissolves into a 5% savings (maybe). If you were one who had a whopping 30,000.00 tax assessment, you only have a revised 28,500.00 to cough up.

The Chicago Tribune already has carried the story of our lawmakers’ film decision. Having a Laurel and Hardy legislature would be a laughable movie were the consequences not so dire and their unquenchable thirst for your foreclosed home not so perverted. The crisis for our legislators will come in the November election when Hollywood can film our Representatives and Senators being booked at the County Jail and can sell us 8x10 glossies of their mug shots for all the dart boards in every bar. Now that would be an economic boost!

Patriot Paul


br said...

You have to be Effing Kidding me!

You're peeved at Pelath because he DIDN'T hear the gay marraige amendment?? WTF?

You would rather the entire General Assembly get bogged down in that bs while Property Tax crisis continues to burn? When gay marriage is already, you know, illegal?

What the heck kind of blog is this? I thought you were all about fair taxation?

colonist said...

to: comment from br

Like many other bills, it was killed. Sad that's all you got out of the blog. Why don't you write one of your own and submit it.

Mike Kole said...

A recession is exactly when citizens need tax relief most, not increased taxes and spending.

Our legislature is truly without clue.