"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, February 11, 2008

"Confused Children" ad? How about ads for "Homeless Parents"?

Indiana Equality website reports that "the AFA of Indiana has launched a massive radio campaign urging Hoosiers to contact their legislators in support of "traditional marriage". The ad titled 'Confused Children' features children questioning the implications of same-sex marriage in Indiana. " To hear the statewide version of this new ad, click here.

We overheard someone say at a political fundraiser last week that Eric Miller of Advance America is going to kill any chance of property tax repeal because he continues to cause divide by pushing the marriage amendment (SJR7) and its anti-freedom message.

Groups like AFA and Advance America care more about screwing with Hoosiers' personal freedom than they do protecting the roof over your head. This is evidenced by the fact that they continue push their selfish agenda during even a short session as Hoosier homeowners face a very real housing crisis. The marriage amendment issue got a great deal of time in the 2007 session. The 2007 session failed to avert the property tax crisis.

In 2008, Eric Miller and the AFA continue to push the marriage amendment agenda in spite of the fact that most Hoosiers, including many conservative camps like Frugal Hoosiers, are fed up with it.

Marion county will have our new bills ready soon. Greg Bowes, county assessor, testified in last year's city council budget hearing that your property tax bill will not change much. He estimated our bills might see just a 5% decrease.

This reassessment cost our local government another $1.8 million. Wanna bet we don't see our reassessed property tax bills while the general assembly is still in session?

We hope you still have your torches and pitchforks.

Sadly, it seems that might be the only way we'll get through to these arrogant, insensitive knuckleheads that the People mean business and most Hoosiers do not want our legislators spending time on the marriage amendment.


Anonymous said...

Well, the density of legislators would seem to indicate that they don't get better with time, only thicker. Have you got your "refund" yet? I probably missed your post on this when whatever screwballs thought it was a good idea. You could repost it. Fact is, our elected dodos don't use the time they have very well. Then, on the last day of the session they pose as public servants who worked far into the night to pass a bill none of them had ever read.

Anonymous said...

Eric Miller was named worst Hoosier on a radio show. It was reported on Jim Shella's blog. Sounds like he's gone over the line with people this time.