"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Muncie woman selling hierloom jewelry to pay property tax

Our activist Max Katz launched this estate jewelry auction to help a woman in Muncie stay in her home. The ring will make a lovely Valentine gift.

Special thanks to tax repeal advocate Charlie Walker of Petri Custom Jewelers for generously replacing a couple missing stones before the auction was launched.


Peat Bogs said...

A nonprofit auction company to save people from losing their homes might just be a great short term idea, until the legislature is one day permitted to talk about repeal, openly and on the floor of both houses. Not only does our government do a poor job of protecting us from crime, but they prey upon us like criminals.

Taxpayer said...

Yes, who's protecting us from our government??? This morning's Indianapolis Star headlines -- the poor mayors lamenting how they can't afford to make do with less property tax income.... When they succeed in making property ownership completely impossible, what will they do then? Does anyone remember the story of the golden goose?

This story, and thousands like it, need to be broadcast to every single legislator and across the entire state.

Anonymous said...

Libertarians advocated abolishing property taxes back when it was a "rather radical notion".

Here's an entry someone posted on a forum nearly four years ago:

"Mr. Gividen participated in the Indiana gubernatorial debate today and I found him to be surprisingly well spoken compared to many other 3rd party or dark horse candidates I've heard. He still talks about the rather radical (to most people) notions of abolishing property taxes and putting parents in charge of the schools in order to help make up the difference in state income, but hey, I'm willing to listen to other ideas."


Told ya so...

Libertarians were talking abolishing property taxes when it was a "rather radical notion" -- long before the current wave of sanity flushed throught the state.

Unfortunately, the Libertarians dropped the ball (at a most inopportune time) moving their focus to fight SJR-7. (Dummies). Hopefully the libertarians will get back on a belated track.

source: endiana.com

Sean Shepard said...

The previous post regarding Libertarians and property taxes makes a great point.

The libertarians had a tax reform plan in 2001 (I believe) that was ignored.

Gividen ran for Gov in 2004 with his number one issue being the elimination of property taxes and got something like 1.2% of the vote? Now we have people worried about keeping their homes, having to sell off heirlooms ... this is sad and was completely avoidable.

"taxpayer" asked "who's protecting us from our government???" ... well, if the people would wake up, Libertarians will. Our whole system of government was originally set up the way it was because those who set it up knew how dangerous government can be.

Whether it is taxation at all levels of government or ill advised military action against countries that pose no threat to us but cost hundreds of billions that must be borrowed from overseas we must change course. (China holds 10% of our national debt now, Japan is second on the list)

Putting the same old usual suspects into office isn't going to get it done. What does it take to wake people up?

Anonymous said...

Muncie has had a few candidates running on the Libertarian Ticket, saying the same things about property taxes and the rape of property owners by "schools" and other misnamed bloats.

Apples of Gold said...

And now they've classified us as "second class citizens". The government elitists can exercise their 2nd amendment rights at the statehouse, but we second class citizens cannot. Check here for details.


Endiana.com said...



It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds. — Samuel Adams

Sean Shepard said...

Sorry Kenn! I didn't mean to short you the .09% .. I just did a quick napkin calculation from the vote totals and shouldn't have guessed at the decimals. ;-)

Regardless of the outcome, history has shown that you were well ahead of this issue. Thank you for leading where others feared to tread.

Anonymous said...

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