"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Drive by Melyssa's house

I am always bold when I am passionate. I'm also true to my values. I don't sell out and neither do the people with whom I surround myself.

You probably remember the "Yard of Shame" I installed in my yard on Central Avenue that featured the heads of all the city councilors who voted to raise your income tax against your will complete with Monroe Gray wearing devil horns. The sign was so stressful to certain naughty city councilors that it was stolen and had to be re-erected.

The "For Sale by Owner due to unfair taxation" sign campaign was also successful. It's still featured in news broadcasts, politicians campaign mailers, and nearly every sign in Meridian Kessler has been stolen from people's yards. It got attention! It was effective.

Take this to the next level and add some technology. My boyfriend, Max, who is a engineery, geeky, science wiz genius kind of guy helped me.

It is no secret that I support the Libertarian in this race for Congress. I support the Libertarian not because he is the lesser evil or the candidate that has the best chance of winning, but only because he is the BEST candidate.

And you should too. Why should you ever settle for less than the person who is the BEST choice to represent you?

That's why I'm projecting my message of Liberty every night on the front of my house. By Sunday or Monday the projections should also have free radio simulcast broadcasts. Just drive by 42nd and Central anytime after dark and you can see my message of Liberty.

Now is the time to collectively do the right thing for our state and for our nation.

Let's send the candidate that is the best person to fill the seat in Congress. Have faith in our collective ability to do the right thing for Indiana. It's too important to vote for anyone except who you know is best for Congress. Don't let them trick you again.

Sean Shepard is the most powerful person in the special election. More than any other candidate, he has already EARNED your vote by his service to you in our fight against excessive taxation and wasteful government spending. Where were the other two guys when Sean was fighting for you? You can't let down the person that most deserves your vote. If you do, that makes you no better than the machine that you rail against for its betrayal of you time and time again.
Before you cast your vote on March 11, ask yourself how the two-party system is working working out for you? Ask yourself if you are getting what you deserve in government. If you don't feel positive about your legislators, you need to change what you are doing when you vote because obviously it is not working. -- Melyssa

Don't forget there is a fundraiser tomorrow night at Santorini's. It's only $50 and includes a huge meal at one of the top 25 restaurants in the city. You can make your reservation by going to SHEPARD2008.com

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I will try to drive by tonight as I head downtown for my Latin class.