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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Friday, February 29, 2008

Now businesses get to pay the tab -- that's just great for the economy

The Indy Star reports today that businesses were under assessed by $4 billion and it looks like homeowners are going to get a break. But where does that put businesses? Looks like they are going to pay for all that bond indebtedness now, along with homeowners.

Businesses are not going to be happy.

Homeowners aren't happy.

But what will the people do? Will they colletively surround the state house by the thousands and demand that the state stop the spending madness, bond indebtedness, and force the legislators to repeal property tax?
Perhaps the great prophet Eric Miller and his flock of homosexual haters will lead our homeowners to the promised land of repeal. What Miller did is to lead the repeal movement right over the cliff.
Watch for a March 12th announcement.


Pete Boggs said...

On July 10th, 2007, Marion County Taxpayers filed a lawsuit requesting reassessment.

A week later, on or about July 18th, the Governor requested reassessment for Marion County. The suit was granted a change in venue to Hancock County to address the remaining issue of refunds, where citizens also won.

Yesterday's announcement of a FOUR BILLION DOLLAR ERROR is absolute validation of the citizens' concerns and request for reassessment; an indictment of the assessment process as a baseless scam, devoid any standard.

Is this reassessment a guarantee, that the state is operating by the court ordered, market value standard? I submit that the only market value system which exists, is the transaction itself (usually done at a title company), and not the stage play (assessment "system") of money grubbing predators, playing "representative" at the west end of Market Street.

So how does it happen, the point at which you cross the line and convince yourself that your self-serving, special interest dealings are on behalf of the "greater good, vs. your lesser greed?"

Anonymous said...

Being off by $4 BILLION is not a mistake, it is a crime.

Anonymous said...

Truth is almost all township assessors are so unqualified they hire someone else to do commercial and industrial property assessments.

Apparently they can't even read the reports, manage the contracts, or supervise that the work is completed either.

Scrutiny should also be given to the "consultants" which were first hired to do the job. Many of them are politic folks or former township assessors cashing in.

Anonymous said...

Here is Indiana's current property “tax cut” plan:

•Reduce the increase in tax deductible property taxes and shift the entire tax burden to non-deductible sales taxes.

•Increase the local income tax

•Reduce no government spending

•Reduce no duplicate layers of local government.

Please note the decrease(Shift) in property taxes will be fazed in over years (if at all), while the sales tax increase and the local income tax will implemented immediately.


We've got to quit governing like this!

The bipartisan government-reform panel led by Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Randall Shepard and former Gov. Joe Kernan recommend the elimination of 1,155 units of government and 5,833 fewer elected officials statewide saving $400 million each year.

Message from former Governor Joe Kernan:

BSU Study: Kernan-Shepard Recommendations Give Big Savings EACH Year

Anonymous said...

I'm confused.

Miller advocates eliminating property taxes while the gay community lobbies to elimate freedom.

Why are supporting the gay agenda?