"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Jon Elrod and Eric Miller connection -- talk about strange bedfellows

St. Allio's blog is reporting that special election candidate, Jon Elrod, is using an anti-gay marketing and media firm for his campaign website. The firm, 1 to 1 Media, has connections to Eric Miller's Advance America.

While this would ordinarily be no big deal, we can't help but think what Elrod's many gay supporters think of their campaign donations being used to feed an organization with a strong anti-gay agenda. Hat tip: St. Allio and Tyrion who originally broke this story.

Will this town get any stranger?

Meanwhile, should our city's filthiest dumpster diver decide to "who is" Hoosiers For Fair Taxation, he will see that our domain is owned by Sean Shepard, the Libertarian candidate for the 7th district special election.

Here's why:

Right after the state's first tax rally at the Governor's mansion on July 4th, Melyssa started this blogspot to have a place to link the resulting news stories and to communicate with her Meridian Kessler neighbors about upcoming rallies. Sean Shepard, being one of our key insider activists and working in the technology field, thought to buy the domain a few weeks after the blogspot was created. He redirected the domain to our blogspot and never asked us for a penny.

You see? We told you Sean Shepard was working for you and your tax dollars last summer and never asked for anything in return. And neither has Hoosiers For Fair Taxation for that matter.

Sean is not one of our blog editors, nor does he have access to the passwords. Only the listed blog editors have access to upload to this site.


Endiana.com said...
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Endiana.com said...

From Elrod's website:

Medicaid and Social Security:
Jon Elrod believes we owe it to our friends and neighbors to keep our commitment to each of our seniors to fund Social security and Medicaid.


Republican said...

It's funny hearing about any connection between Jon Elrod and the Christian based Advance America's founder Eric Miller.

Eric is a conservative Christian Republican and would never support someone like Elrod:

This race will tell us the total of the number of liberal Republicans (quite small) and Republicans that just have NOT heard about Elrod's stand on Gay "Rights" and Abortion.

Republican said...

Here's the active link:

Anonymous said...

Why does religion have to play any role in government?

Like the self actualization essay says, Indiana's society is comprised of many individuals that hold beliefs in valid faiths.

Are you saying that jews, buddists, muslims, pagans, taoists, hindus, and every other non-christian in our state and country must be mandated to by christian conservatives?