"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Patriot Paul "The March 11th Lightweight Fight "

‘Super’dog Carson vs. Underdog Elrod vs. Unknown Sean Shepard

Three lightweight inexperienced contenders, will battle on March 11th for the congressional vacancy left by the late Julia Carson. For the Democrat Andre Carson, who filled a 2007 vacancy for Indianapolis City County Council, his first vote for a tax budget he likely had never seen, shortly after his welcoming introduction by then President, Monroe Gray, sent concern among many that he was only the Democrat’s water boy.

In stark contrast, Republican Jon Elrod, was on the Center Township Board, and repeatedly asked for the budget and annual report prior to voting on them, but the board was dismissive (IBJ Feb.11-17). This odd behavior of those in charge of taxpayer money may not be untypical of those many agencies that spend first and worry later about the consequences later (i.e. a system that pervades Indiana from Hammond to New Albany). In fact, why worry about the consequences; just spend the money because they can; not because of the ill affordability of it. Two thumbs up for Jon Elrod for asking the fiscally responsible question and later became State Rep.

As heir apparent of Julia Carson’s grandson, Andre Carson jumps in the ring’s left corner with Democrat laced gloves, including blessings from Louis Farrakhon. This coming bout, if he wins, may result in a super dog becoming a superdelegate from Indiana for the Democratic National Convention having independent influence to choose between Hillary and Barack in a tight national election.

In the right hand corner is Jon Elrod whose gloves spell “budget reform” on one glove and “tax repeal” on the other.

Activist Sean Shepard enters with Libertarian laced gloves; one glove marked “Americans for Tax Reform” and the other “Civil Liberty Protection”.

Hoosiers deserve to see and hear these candidates in order to make an informed decision. Who is the first contender to step into the ring and demand a debate before the slugfest?

Patriot Paul


Sean Shepard said...


Greetings Patriot Paul!

Our campaign has already sent a note to the media and to each of the other campaigns that we are willing and eager to participate in a live debate. I believe Jim Shella responded back to Tim Maguire, our communications director, that he hoped to have something on WISH but it sounds like plans were not definite.

Hope all is well at your end and thank you for efforts and participation these past months as one of the citizens visible in the trenches of the property tax battle.

If you have any questions about my platform or our campaign, please feel free to ask!

Sincere regards,

Sean Shepard, Candidate
United States House of Representatives
Indiana's 7th Congressional District

Lower Taxes - Less Government Spending
Affordable Healthcare - Strong National Defense
Protect our Borders - School Choice

Anonymous said...

At the Crawford Dog and Pony Show the ignorant chair called for a new revenue forecast for the State. Having added $350,000,000 in new spending, I guess Mr. Crawford wants to know if there is more spending he can load onto the broken backs of homeowners.