"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sean Shepard & Jon Elrod spoke last night -- Andre Carson a no show at candidate forum, refuses to speak on air

As we reported at 3:15 pm yesterday afternoon, Carson's people called to say Andre would not participate in the congressional candidate forum held last night without him at the Arlington Heights Baptist church.

We were told that Andre's staff confirmed his attendance more than two weeks ago, yet he cancelled on the same day due to what he said was a scheduling conflict.

We also noticed that the national Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was on our blog quite a bit yesterday specifically to read about Andre's abuse of a citizen who asked him a question during Monday's city council meeting. As well, more than one campaign consulting company was on our blog yesterday. We hope they are taking Andre's behavior seriously, for he is certainly not acting like a top notch public servant.

Chris Spangle attended last night's forum and said the candidates will be available on podcast. During this morning's radio program, Abdul received an off air phone call from Andre Carson explaining that he had a "scheduling conflict" last night. Abdul asked him to go on the air to speak to listeners, but Carson refused in spite of the fact that Abdul's wants to hear Carson speak UNSCRIPTED.

Until recently, Sean Shepard's name was not well known as a 7th district candidate. Even still Sean Shepard is polling near 15% which is tremendous for a relatively unknown Libertarian candidate right out of the gate. We are confident that Sean's polling date will soar higher as people hear Sean's passion as he expresses pragmatic solutions for America's greatest challenges.

Indiana has an opportunity to LEAD the rest of the nation in America's great reform. This could be the year we have an African American president and the first Libertarian in Congress.

Libertarians know the solutions and have the grassroots network to get things done, as you saw last summer. Imagine what can be done when we put a well-informed, personable, and outspoken Libertarian in Congress. We owe it to America to push for change, because what we are doing is clearly not working.

The next candidate forum is sponsored by Indiana Equality and will be hosted by Jesus Metropolitan Community Church on February 20th. Click here for details.

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