"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Depression Tuesday: Find anyone's make up bill on line

You got the government you deserve.
Of course your politicians will steal from you
....that's because you allowed it to happen by voting to keep the same criminal parties in power all these decades.

The Marion County treasurer provides us a link so that we can find out our make-up bill and the make-up bill of anyone else in town. All you need is a last name and a street name.

For fun, I thought I'd share the amount of my make-up bill due on July 10th. I've got the money to pay this. Sadly it is money earmarked for immediate home improvements on my 87 year old home that requires constant work (and money) to keep it maintained. My "reward" for all the work I did last year to fight this affront by my government is a tax bill that tripled. Meanwhile the services I receive from government have not improved and IPS test scores and graduation rates are at record lows with no sign of improvement.

In order to pay my property tax increase and keep my home, I have to let urgent home maintenance matters go unattended. How long until Meridian Kessler looks run down with sagging gutters, peeling paint, overgrown gardens, and broken windows? Many of our surrounding neighborhoods have huge numbers of abandoned homes because homeowners just give up and walk away.

I'm sure I am not the only homeowner in this boat, cause I did some checking on my friends' homes. Some of them owe far more than me on their make up bills.

I also did some calculating and I think I'm looking at a 30% increase in my mortgage payment in order to get my escrow to catch up.

Whatever you do, please don't offend any of the republicans and democrats who caused this, so be nice to everyone. We would not want anyone in the party faithful who keep voting for the status quo to get their feelings hurt.

--Melyssa for HFFT

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We The People said...

As a licensed Real Estate broker here in Indiana, I have attempted to work within the mechanism to make our community a better place. I deeply hoped that Governor Daniels would have taken the bull by the horns and use his position to advance the end of all property taxes. I have worked outside my own political party's line to help Greg Ballard win as our city's mayor and through the unity of our activism, we were able to bring down one of the most popular and strong incumbent mayors from power.

However, after all that's said and done, I often wonder who I helped the most. Did I help Mitch Daniels compromise the values of Hoosiers? I guess that is up for debate by the philosophers of our time and in the future. I have also attempted to send an olive branch to the Republican Party asking them for leadership as we are facing an economy that continues to pivot upon the bring of a depression and with the recent Republican convention, I learned that the party muted the delegates from open debate about the platform and so forth and were given a slate that was already prepared prior to the convention so even as a Libertarian, let it be known that my party is more concerned with principles than just supporting the party. In any case, I have learned that the Republican leadership is not concerned with the views of the public. They do not even entertain a moment to return my calls and my pleas for civility and decency and so, the heck with them...I will take my activism back to the streets again and this time with much greater gusto and determination to unite the common folk in this cause. If the Republican Party had any concept of the fracture they have created within their own party, then they would be aware that Ron Paul supporters reflect the true conservative activist base of the party and without us, they will not win any future elections. What choice do we have when we're told that we waste our vote by supporting a Libertarian or an Independent candidate and that we could hurt the Republican party? Well, the Republican party left me years ago and I became homeless and learned about the Libertarian philosophy and economics and so, behold, I am not concerned that a big government Republican loses to another big government Democrat for they are all the same.

Nevertheless, this is a fare warning to all Republicans and Democrats that we are going to take our country back. I am a believer in the founding father's wisdom that warns and advises the people to hold our representatives accountable for their actions and to restore the rule of law which is our Constitution and this is the moment when I declare that WE THE PEOPLE are going to fight back and this time in much greater numbers and determination.

Wayne Kirk
WeDeclare.us News