"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

HOWEY POLITICS INDIANA: Waterman creates The Taxpayers Party

State Sen. John Waterman, of Sullivan County, and Glenna Jehl, of Fort Wayne, made clear Tuesday they are not running as independent candidates for governor and lieutenant governor (Kelly, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette). Instead, they have created a temporary third party called the Taxpayers Party, whose sole platform plank so far is to repeal property taxes. The two Republicans still have to collect almost 33,000 signatures to be placed on the fall ballot. “It’d be an act of God to do it,” Waterman admitted at a central Indiana press conference. “If it happens, it would be quite a statement.” John Price, the attorney who set up the articles of incorporation for the Taxpayers Party, said the party will cease in January 2009 and Waterman would serve as a Republican governor if elected. But he denied the move was an end-run around the primary system. Price said it "will be a miracle" to collect enough signatures in the first place but that several groups were circulating petitions. "There are literally thousands of petitions circulating around the state," Price said (Louisville Courier-Journal). "If it happens, it would be quite a statement." Waterman said help was coming from hunting and fishing groups and from organizations that oppose abortion. But he said the most calls he has received are from people upset about their property taxes (Associated Press). He, Price and Jehl spoke Tuesday in front of the home of an Indianapolis couple whose property tax bill in 2007 went up by more than $8,000. "I think there is enough concern and attention built through the media statewide about what’s happened (with property taxes). I think a third-party candidate is very viable this year," Waterman said. "I don’t think we’ll be taking that many (votes) away from Mitch Daniels; I’ll be taking a lot away from (Long Thompson)" (Evansville Courier & Press). Waterman said if he makes the ballot, he would have to raise $500,000 to wage a competitive campaign. He and Price announced a campaign Web site, http://www.taxpayersparty.net/.

For more insight please visit Advance Indiana today to read the opinions of GOP insiders who obviously don't think Senator Waterman's entrance into the Governor's race is all about property taxes, but is about another agenda of legislating your morality aligned with an extreme Christian right fundamentalist view.


atty4smallgov said...

Waterman scares me, as he, like so many liberals, ultimately believes in allowing the State to make decisions that are best made by private individuals...in this case the family. He has supported and continues to push legislation to open the doors for Courts to replace the decisions of parents with their own decisions...in cases where children have not been harmed. The only criteria is the broad based determination of what is "best for a child." The government has proven over and over again that they do not make good decisions. How is he opening the door for this; through his overly broad and unconstitutional bill that would expand existing statutes concerning grandparent visitation rights. The bill would allow course to determine if an intact family has made an unreasonable decision in denying grandparents an opportunity to visit the grandchildren. The problem, best interest of the child is vague, and whatever the Court determines it to be. See following article for details of the legislation (article does not discuss my concerns). http://www.theindianalawyer.com/html/detail_page.asp?content=1308AmpersandRedirected=true

Ask any parent that has gone through a divorce if you want the Court making such a decision for you. Ask, why does Waterman think this is a proper role for govt. I urge people not to sign his petition.


Atty4: Thank you. Your comment needs to be explored and discussed more indepth publicly.

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